Less efficient ways of monitoring workers

  • Checking their presence at the office

    This method of employee time tracking includes having them sign in at the company’s entrance using a card or fingerprint. A common scenario in many companies, it not very helpful in measuring work productivity because being present does not mean that an employee is actually working. He might be playing games, reading the news or chatting with colleagues.

  • Simple logging of employees’ actions on the computer

    Less sophisticated programs simply note when the computer was turned on and the time frames in which employees used the keyboard or mouse. This is not helpful either, because it does not truly measure office productivity. Workers may be using their computer to play games or watch movies, but the program will log these as work activities. The lack of details surrounding user actions makes this system easy for employees to deceive.

The best way to monitor employee productivity

  • Measuring actual employee productivity, that is, the amount of time spent working versus that spent on personal matters, instead of simply logging action time frames. Only Kickidler allows you to define and target computer actions with such a degree of accuracy and flexibility.
  • Tracking efficiency over time to see whether and why productivity increases or decreases. This is important to know when addressing systemic problems at the company.
  • Identifying employees and departments with low productivity and determining the causes.

How Kickidler tracks and logs employee activity during office hours

  • The employee computer tracking program collects information on how much time was spent engaging with various programs and websites.
  • You can choose to define which actions are to be considered productive or not for an entire range of staff, as this definition often varies according to the type of employee. For a marketing manager, time spent on Facebook is productive. For a programmer, this is less likely.
  • The software generates a report allowing the supervisor to see the productivity of different employees and departments.

What reports are available

  • The length of time a particular user worked on which programs and websites, as well as the respective percentages of active work and downtime.
  • What percentage of the working day was spent on productive and unproductive activities for the entire company, a particular division or individual employees.
  • The history of work with a particular application or website during the working day.
  • How worker productivity changes over time - this report allows you to see when the staff works more efficiently (for example, before or after lunch) and significantly helps you optimize tasks to increase employee productivity.

How to classify the different programs and websites

There is no need to edit settings and guidelines; the whole procedure is very simple.

  • In the report, select a program or website.
  • Clicking on the relevant tab.
  • Specify the employee or group (programmers, marketers, etc.) and type of activity: productive or not.

How to find out more details on employee actions

  • Use the histogram of violations, which highlights all forbidden or risky actions, like job searches, as well as their intensity, for example time spent and how many pages were viewed on a forbidden site.
  • View the video of employee’s actions for the period in question.

Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

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