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Time Tracking

What tasks does it solve?

Automating business processes
Automating business processes
Improving employee discipline
Improving employee discipline
Reducing the workload of the management
Reducing the workload of the management
Reducing the workload of the accounting department
Reducing the workload of the accounting department
Digitalization of business
Digitalization of business
Raising awareness
Raising awareness
Why Do You Need Automatic Time Tracking?

Why Do You Need Automatic Time Tracking?

Kickidler software is a powerful tool to automate employee time tracking processes for small, medium and large businesses. Implementing Kickidler in your company will help you ease the burden on your top management and make time tracking as transparent, accurate and unbiased as possible.

Automatic time tracking with Kickidler:

  • Improves discipline in your company;
  • Increases productivity of your employees;
  • Ensures transparency of internal corporate processes;
  • Tracks remote employees’ worktime;
  • Meets mandatory government requirements to keep track of all employees’ working hours.

Kickidler is a powerful solution for automatic staff time tracking, calculating the hours your employees spent working and compiling time sheets.

The program can automatically track your employees’ working hours, analyze their productivity, monitor and capture activities on their computers in the real time and record violations of work schedules.

How Kickidler Tracks Working Time?

How Kickidler Tracks Working Time?

Grabber is installed on the employee’s computer, which is essentially an agent program that records all activity of the employee at the computer.

All the collected information on the employee activity is stored on the Server.

Using Viewer, the manager can monitor the activity of employees at the computer.

All settings of the program are executed in the Web interface of the Central server, where extended reports on working hours are located as well.

Kickidler’s productive calendar allows you to create work schedules for employees, divisions and whole departments.

Kickidler generates worktime reports based on the data received about user activity:

  • How many hours per day (week, month, year) the employee has actually worked;
  • How many times they were late, left work early, were absent or took long breaks;
  • How productive they were.

Kickidler also allows you to compare the performance indicators of your employees and divisions.

Working Time Report

Working Time Report

Kickidler’s Working time report allows you to automatically take into account the time your employees spent at their computers.

In addition to tracking the time spent working, the program records any deviations from the established work schedule:

  • Being late;
  • Leaving early;
  • Skipping work;
  • Working overtime.

The program captures these deviations both quantitatively (for example, the number of days an employee has worked overtime) and cumulatively (total amount of hours spent working overtime in a given period).

Kickidler’s Productive calendar enables you to configure employee work schedules that include breaks, vacations, sick leave and business trips, meaning you record employee activity only during the working hours, which is especially important for monitoring remote employees.

Excel data of the report can be filtered by parameters of coming late to work or leaving work early, and it can be grouped by day, week or month.

This report is available in the Web interface of the program. You can also send the report to your e-mail in Excel format.

Working Time Sheet

Working Time Sheet

In comparison to the Working time report, the Working time sheet shows the amount of hours an employee has worked a day during a given period of time (week, month).

This report, as the name implies, allows you to automatize the electronic time sheet in your company or organization.

Kickidler’s Working time sheet is also integrated with the Productive calendarand takes into account your employee's work schedule when calculating working hours.

Working time sheet allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • Monitoring employee discipline;
  • Keeping track of employees' working hours in the office;
  • Counting working hours and payroll of remote employees and freelancers.

Working time sheet is available in the Web-interface of the program. You can send the report to your e-mail in Excel format.

“Details Of The Day” Report

“Details Of The Day” Report

Kickidler’s “Details of the day” report is a summary report on the working time and productivity of the employee at the computer. That is, it shows not only the employee’s time of activity, but also how productive they were during their working hours.

This report shows statistics on the following types of the employee’s activity by workday:

  • Productive activity;
  • Unproductive activity;
  • Neutral activity;
  • Inactivity;
  • Uncategorized.

This report will tell the supervisor during what hours the employee was most active and productive and when their working activity was below average.

The pie chart on the left side of the report shows the percentage of the categories of employee’s activity (productive, unproductive, inactivity, etc.).

Also in the “Details of the day” report you can see the total time by all indicators as well as the time of the employee’s first and last activity at the computer.

“Details of the day” report can be found in the Web interface of the program. Like all other reports, you can get it to your e-mail in the Excel format.

Kickidler’s Productive Calendar

Kickidler’s Productive Calendar

Kickidler’s Productive calendar allows you to create employees’ work schedules, indicating the beginning and end of the workday, while also taking into account lunch breaks, weekends, vacations, sick leave, business trips and absences.

Productive calendar enables you to analyze the productivity of your employees as accurately as possible and only count the hours they've spent working on their computers during the workday.

Productive calendar helps you use Kickidler as a fully automated time tracking tool:

  • Calculate the number of hours worked accurately;
  • Mark lateness, working overtime and early departures;
  • Keep an electronic time sheet;
  • Pay salary to your remote employees and freelancers.

Kickidler’s Productive calendar is located in the Web interface of the program.

Other Functions of Kickidler

Other Functions of Kickidler

  • Viewing screens online. Kickidler employee monitoring software allows you to monitor an unlimited number of computers in real time.
  • Recording videos of user activity. The program records footage of user activity from their screens with customizable bit rate and retention time. Video is stored in an indexed database, which allows you to apply a filter and view only the desired sections of the video.
  • Monitoring violations. Kickidler can detect violations of the work schedule, such as visiting an inappropriate website, running an unsolicited program, etc. You have the ability to instantly watch the video on the violation.
  • Automatic notifications will alert the employee whenever a violation of work schedule occurs, such as an employee being late, inactive for a long time, scrolling through news or social networking sites or working for a long time without breaks and working overtime. By default, this feature is disabled.
  • Self-monitoring interface allows an employee to see their own productivity.
  • Remote access. Kickidler has the functionality to remotely manage employees’ PCs.
  • Keylogger allows you to track all the employee’s keystrokes and search by keywords.
  • Hidden and open modes of operation.
Remote Employees Time Tracking

Remote Employees Time Tracking

Kickidler is ideal for monitoring and tracking working hours of remote employees.

A number of its features make the program an indispensable assistant for the supervisor that has employees working from the home office in their team:

  • Online streaming and video recording of the screen completely eliminates employees’ temptation to fool the program. It’s simply impossible.
  • The ability for an employee to turn off Grabber after working hours allows them to use the software on home PCs without the risk of interfering with their privacy.
  • Automatic notifications and Self-monitoring interface as well as Autokick functionality that was purposely developed in 2020 to control remote employees will make time tracking as autonomous and transparent as possible.
  • Cross-platform. Kickidler supports all popular Windows, Mac and Linux distributions, which is especially important for those who work remotely.
  • The possibility of On-Cloud use of the program. Contact our support team, and we will help you install the server part of the program on the cloud.
  • Remote access. In addition to time tracking and employee management, Kickidler has the necessary tools for remote PC management.

Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

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