Kickidler overview

Kickidler is the software that allows keeping account and time supervision of employees at the working computers. Kickidler was developed by Tele Link Soft company. The first release of the program happened in 2013. Now, in 2023 thousands of companies and state agencies on all five continents are using Kickidler employee surveillance software.

Two main purposes of the program of accounting working hours Kickidler are automation of the function of control of personnel and improvement of the level of information security in the organizations.

The program can be used by small, medium-sized and large businesses and also in the state agencies where employees work on personal computers.

Kickidler allows monitoring from 1 up to 10,000 workstations.

What is Kickidler needed for?

Main functions of the Kickidler employee monitoring program are online (real time) monitoring of working computers, automated accounting of employee's working hours, analysis of personnel's efficiency in workplaces, keystroke monitoring and also overseeing violations and remote control of the personal computer.

The program will be useful to:

  • Top management for control of employees.
  • IT-specialists for optimization of working processes.
  • Security team for prevention of insider threats.
  • HR specialists for analysis of the microclimate in the organization.

Besides, Kickidler can be used for control of computer science lessons in educational institutions and for parental control of the child's computer.

How does Kickidler work?

Kickidler's user monitoring software consists of 3 components: Server, Viewer and Grabber. Moreover, the first installed Server in the company gets the web interface.

Server is where all data collected by the program are stored.

Viewer is the program for monitoring employees and viewing reports. It is downloaded on the computer of the person that carries out the monitoring.

Grabber is the agent for screen capture. It is downloaded on the controlled computers.

Setup and coordination of all components of the program are carried out in the web interface. Furthermore, it has expanded reporting system.

What effect can be achieved with Kickidler?

Kickidler can be a powerful tool in the hands of the competent leader. Our program can do a lot of things…

  • It helps increase efficiency of employees.
  • It minimizes the risk of “insider threats”.
  • It allows controlling remote workers.
  • It counts the working hours.
  • It optimizes interaction between departments.
  • It detects illegal actions of employees.
  • It stores all data.

Kickidler’s advantages

  • Online monitoring of an unlimited number of working computers. Similar programs either don't have this function or have restrictions on the number of the screens that can be monitored.
  • Video recording and playback of employees' activity on the work PC. Videos are stored in the special indexed database that makes finding the necessary fragment easier and less time-consuming, just by using the filter.
  • Regular automatic updates of the program. Our product is constantly being developed, and it acquires new features. All updates are absolutely free for users.
  • Cross-platform. Our program works with almost all popular Windows, Mac and Linux distribution kits.
  • Hidden operating mode of the agent. If you want to, you can hide the agent from the list of processes.
  • Data security. All data collected by the program are stored on the client's servers, so there is no possibility of illegal access to them.
  • Data caching. Excludes the possibility of losing data during temporary lack of contact of the agent with the server.

Frequently asked questions in the beginning of working with Kickidler

What is the pressure on the agent?

Grabber consumes 50 MB of random access memory and 2-3% of the processor.

How much space is needed for data storage?

By default videos are recorded with a rate of 1 fps. With such recording rate you will need roughly 2 GB of free space on the Server on the hard drive for one workday of the employee.

How can the program be used if in the organization doesn't have server hardware?

Server component of the program can be installed on any computer in the company if it satisfies system requirements.

What are the working hours of technical support?

The technical support works Mon-Fri from 09:30 AM till 06:30 PM GMT+3. You can call by phone 7 (495) 777-54-58 ext. 2, write to or get in touch via the website.

How is the program licensed, and how much does it cost?

Only grabbers are licensed. The cost depends on the subscription period. There is a free version with limited functionality for 6 users.