Analysis of employees’ productivity

Kickidler is a powerful tool for the analysis and assessment of efficiency of personnel.

Our program allows the user to learn exactly how productive the employees are with their time during work. You can find out whether the employees are doing nothing or working diligently, whether they are scrolling down social media or studying professional information, whether they are freelancing on the side or carrying out their duties.

Kickidler will help users define average efficiency of employees in the company and also reveal the most motivated and at the same time the most destructive workers.

Kickidler’s reports on efficiency of the employees will give the chance to obtain the most precise information on the involvement of personnel in the working process of the company.

Analysis of employees’ efficiency can be useful for top managers, directors of departments and also for HR department specialists.

Statistics collected with our program will help take the appropriate measures leading to increase in efficiency of the business.

How to collect statistics of employees’ productivity?

Kickidler monitors computer activity and automatically catches the things employees do at the work computers. Those can be visiting different websites, running programs and apps, the time the employee wasn’t doing anything – smoke breaks, coffee breaks and other excuses to kill time.

Kickidler categorizes each action of the employee behind the work PC as productive, unproductive, neutral or uncategorized. Idle time is categorized as inaction.

By default our base has a preconfigured list of 700 unproductive websites. But we recommend you use individual preferences for each employee for more exact analysis.

All collected data on each unit is shown in the form of reports in the Viewer of the program and also in the special Web interface. Our program of monitoring Internet traffic also has the option of sending reports on mail in the Excel format.

Kickidler’s productivity reports

Efficiency report

Allows the supervisor to see an overall picture of efficiency of certain employees or structural divisions. It shows what websites are visited by employees during working hours, what programs and apps are used.

Day's details report

Allows the supervisor to analyze employees’ activity in more detail, find out the most productive and unproductive periods of time and monitor the time an employee comes to work and leaves it. The additional circular chart allows the user to see the percentage of types of activity of the employee.

Dynamics report

Helps the supervisor determine the level of efficiency of employees depending on time of the day, day of the week, etc., reveal recessions and rises in motivation of personnel.

Time report

Collects all data on the websites and the apps used by employees. The supervisor can look at the time of interaction with each application or a resource.

Applications report

Forms the rating of the most used apps depending on their category (productive, unproductive, neutral). You can read in more detail about Kickidler’s reports here.

How should you begin monitoring employees’ productivity?

  • Create structure of the company, distribute the employees who are under your control by their departments. Set the levels of access to the Viewers of the program.
  • Adjust the work calendar for each employee. Set the time of the beginning and end of the work day, break time, include the vacations and business trips in your schedule.
  • Establish productive, unproductive and neutral websites and apps for each employee, depending on the history of their actions and the kind of work they do.
  • For example, for an accountant manager SAP will be a productive app, while social networks will be regarded as unproductive. For an SMM manager, on the contrary, social networks that have the company page can be classified as productive. Yahoo and Google search engines can be considered “neutral”, seeing how they can be used for both productive and unproductive purposes.
  • Adjust the time and frequency of sending reports to your e-mail and make them convenient for you.
  • Enjoy full functionality of the pc monitoring software!

What problems will the analysis of employees’ productivity help solve?

Monitoring the use of the Internet by employees

Monitoring computers is much more effective than just blocking the websites, because it’s simply impossible to block all unproductive websites. Monitoring has an impact on the psychology of employees, motivating them to work more productively. It also shows the supervisor the real picture of his employees’ productivity.

Deep analysis of working processes

Estimate personal efficiency of each employee and general efficiency of each structural department. Set the leaders and outsiders.

Analysis of the microclimate in the team

Find out which employees are a weak link and have negative influence on their colleagues. Find those who spend their time doing nothing and those who are looking for a new job. All these options are possible with the help of monitoring program Kickidler.

Increase in personnel’s efficiency

The lack of control inevitably leads to decrease in productivity and efficiency of personnel. Having introduced Kickidler system of monitoring, you automate function of control in your company, increase information security and efficiency of working processes.

Kickidler is the new outlook at the work of your personnel!

Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

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