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What Tasks Does Screen Monitoring Software Solve?

Identifying inefficient processes
Identifying inefficient processes
Providing evidence of employee performance
Providing evidence of employee performance
Understanding the context of situations
Understanding the context of situations
Impossibility for employees to cheat the software
Impossibility for employees to cheat the software
Transparency of work processes
Transparency of work processes
Employee training
Employee training

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What Is Real-Time Monitoring?

What Is Real-Time Monitoring?

Employee screen monitoring software such as this solution allows you to view the screen of any employee and find out what they are doing at any given moment.

This is a crucial feature for any real time PC screen monitoring software, since studies have shown that up to 30% of employees spend their working hours browsing social networks and entertainment websites, playing games and watching videos.

Live computer monitoring software provides managers with the screen monitoring tools to keep track of certain individuals, entire teams or the whole company.

Why Do I Need Real-Time Screen Monitoring?

Why Do I Need Real-Time Screen Monitoring?

  • To ensure employees use their working hours efficiently
  • To monitor specialists who have done something controversial in the past
  • To detect employee fraud or insider threats in due time and quickly react to them in order to prevent insider attacks and protect sensitive company data

Real-time employee screen monitoring app allows for immediate manager follow-up. For example, if a manager sees that an employee is playing World of Warcraft on their work PC, they can simply walk by said employee and make a sharp remark about it. Studies have shown that a prompt intervention from the supervisor will usually be more impactful than a delayed one when it comes to improving employee performance.

How to Use the Quad for Monitoring Computer Screens Remotely?

How to Use the Quad for Monitoring Computer Screens Remotely?

  • Quad splitter: a unique tool that displays the desktops of all employees in the form of a grid.
  • It is similar to the quad splitter found in CCTV.
  • You can include an unlimited number of employee desktops in the grid.
  • A variety of options is available, including quad mesh. This allows you to choose a group of screens for more precise monitoring of certain employees.
How to Use Live Screen Monitoring Software for Monitoring Employee PC?

How to Use Live Screen Monitoring Software for Monitoring Employee PC?

  • If an employee is engaged in non-work-related activities, a red frame will appear around his desktop screen on the grid display.
  • When an employee is carrying out their assigned duties, their screen is highlighted with a green frame.
  • Screens of inactive users who have left their workstations also get highlighted, along with a timer that shows for how long they’ve been absent.
  • Are you suspecting any employee in unscrupulous activity? You can expand their desktop to full screen to take a closer look and see what employees are doing on their computers. You also have access to all the data regarding their past activity and a histogram of the violations they’ve previously committed.
  • Video recording of employees’ actions is available so that managers can review visual evidence in case any incidents occur.
How Does Screen Tracking Software Operate?

How Does Screen Tracking Software Operate?

  • A video grabber is installed on employee’s work computer, which allows broadcasting employee desktop activity to the server.
  • The manager or company security officer uses employee desktop live viewer to monitor employee activity.
  • The viewer allows managers to monitor a large number of employees simultaneously, even if they are spread across the globe and connected to different servers.
What You Can Track with the Real-Time Screen Monitoring Feature?

What You Can Track with the Real-Time Screen Monitoring Feature?

  • Screens of employees located in different offices, cities, and countries
  • Status of each employee, such as:
    • Active (busy working)
    • Idle (spending time on personal matters)
    • Inactive (away from the computer)
  • Content of every connected monitor
  • Keystrokes and mouse clicks in real time
  • Histogram of violations committed by the employees
What Is the Effect of Live Screen Monitoring?

What Is the Effect of Live Screen Monitoring?

  • Efficiency of managers is increased

    Real-time monitoring helps managers to save the time it would usually take them to understand exactly what their employees are doing and just how productive they are. With this features, it’s also easier to allocate certain tasks and distribute the workload more efficiently.

  • Productivity of employees is increased

    Using the real-time monitoring feature, managers can detect procrastinators or under-motivated employees with ease. All the problem areas are displayed in the visual format on the screen.

  • Analytical data is collected promptly

    There’s always room for improvement, and the live monitoring feature provides ways for employers to adjust certain employees’ schedules or simplify various processes simply by gathering relevant data in real time.

  • Objectivity is ensured

    Not only does this feature promote impartiality of management, it also has a tremendously beneficial psychological aspect, when employees know that their managers are in the loop of what’s happening during the workday and therefore keep their finger on the pulse of the internal processes.

  • Monitoring of remote employees is enabled

    Seeing how the WFH trend isn’t going anywhere, remote employees need monitoring just as much as office workers do. With real-time screen monitoring, everybody on the team can see what their team members are doing at any given moment.

Overall, this feature is especially useful for those managers who are extremely busy and don't have the time to review and analyze numerous reports. The software promptly displays what employees are engaged in, highlights those who are absent or those who are on a break, and reveals those who are browsing social media or watching entertainment content.

Free Live Employee Desktop Monitoring

Free Live Employee Desktop Monitoring

If you are still not sure that your company needs remote screen monitoring software, you can download our free version and try it out by monitoring one employee in real time!

Please note that the desktop monitoring free version of our software contains the following features: reporting, employee desktop live viewer, video recording, and the histogram of violations.

Download desktop monitoring software free here.

Is There Other Employee Monitoring Software Similar to Kickidler?

Is There Other Employee Monitoring Software Similar to Kickidler?

  • Most existing solutions that offer remote employee computer screen monitoring do not have the real-time monitoring feature.
  • Certain solutions only provide the option to view a screen of one employee at a time.
  • Kickidler truly is the best screen monitoring software. It records videos and collects data in a specific compressed format. Our competitors’ solutions gather much heavier volumes of information, which can pose certain problems for your network.
  • Kickidler is the only live computer monitoring software that allows you to observe a whole team or the entire company all at once.
Client Case

Client Case

We have an actual example of Kickidler helping one of our clients to monitor and record fraudulent actions of their remote programmer.

Relying heavily on our Real-time monitoring feature, the employer was able to detect that this unscrupulous employee was taking third-party orders during the hours he was being paid for, which essentially meant that he was busy doing freelance work while on the job. 

And seeing how the employee was using the apps that were considered “productive” by the time tracking tool the company was using at that time, prior to Kickidler installation it was pretty much impossible to detect such fraud.

Guide to Live Screen Monitoring Software

What is Employee Live Screen Monitoring Software?

Employee live screen monitoring software is a tool that allows employers to view their employees' computer screens in real time. It can be used to track employee productivity, ensure compliance with company policies, and investigate potential misconduct.

Why is a Screen Recording App Necessary for Modern Management?

In today's remote and hybrid work environment, it can be difficult for managers to keep track of their employees' activities. Screen recording apps can help to bridge this gap by providing managers with a real-time view of what their employees are working on. This can help to improve productivity, ensure compliance, and prevent problems from arising.

How Do I Choose the Best Employee Desktop Monitoring Software for My Teams?

When choosing employee desktop monitoring software, there are a few factors to consider:

What Are the Key Features of Employee Screen Monitoring Software?

The key features of employee screen monitoring software include:

Why Do Successful Companies Use Employee Screen Monitoring Software?

Successful companies use employee screen monitoring software for a variety of reasons, including:

What Value Can Employee Desktop Monitoring Bring to My Business?

Employee desktop monitoring can bring a number of benefits to your business, including:

What are the Pros and Cons of Employee Live Screen Monitoring?



How to Introduce Screen Monitoring Solution to Your Team?

When introducing employee screen monitoring software to your team, it is important to be transparent and communicate the reasons for using the software. You should also explain how the software will be used and what data will be collected. It is also important to have a policy in place that outlines how the tools will be used and how employee privacy will be protected.

How to Conduct Privacy-Minded Employee Screen Monitoring

There are a few things you can do to conduct privacy-minded employee screen monitoring:

Is Employee Screen Monitoring Software Right For Me?

Whether or not employee screen monitoring software is right for you depends on a number of factors, including the size of your company, the type of work your employees do, and your company culture. If you are considering using employee screen monitoring software, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and make a decision that is right for your business. For the start, you can download Kickidler Employee monitoring software and use 14 day free trial.

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