What is online monitoring?

Employee computer spying software such as this solution allows you to view the screen of any employee and find out what he is doing at the moment.

This is important because studies have shown that up to 30% of staff time is spent on social networking and entertainment websites, playing games and watching videos.

An employee computer tracking program provides managers with the tools to monitor individuals, entire divisions or the whole enterprise.

Why do I need user activity monitoring software?

  • To ensure efficient use of office hours
  • For monitoring workers whose actions have been cause for concern on the part of management or the company’s security department
  • To be able to detect employee fraud or detect insider threats and quickly react, to prevent insider attacks and protect data

Computer use tracking software allows for immediate manager follow up. For example, if a manager sees that an employee is playing Solitaire, he or she can simply walk by and make a comment. Studies show that if an intervention from the supervisor rapidly follows a violation instead of a few days later, the employee will usually take it in stride and improve his performance.

Using the quad for remote computer tracking

  • Quad splitter: this is a unique tool that displays the desktops of all employees in the form of a grid.
  • It is similar to the quad splitter found in CCTV systems.
  • You can include an unlimited number of employee desktops in the grid.
  • A variety of options are available, including quad mesh. This allows you to highlight a group of screens for a closer monitoring of certain people.

How to use employee investigation software for monitoring worker computers

  • If an employee is currently engaged in private activities, a red frame will appear around his desktop on the grid display.
  • When employees are carrying out their assigned duties, a green frame is displayed.
  • Also indicated are the inactive screens of users who have left their work stations, along with a timer showing how long they have been gone.
  • Are you suspicious about someone’s activities? You may expand your view of their desktop to cover your entire screen and have a closer look. You will also have access to data about their past activity and a histogram of their violations.
  • Video of all employee actions is monitored so that you may review the evidence in the case of an incident.

How does a remote computer spying program work?

  • Each employee’s computer is installed with a video grabber which serves to broadcast PC desktop activity to the server.
  • The manager or security officer uses a staff viewing program to activities.
  • The viewer allows you to monitor a large number of employees at the same time, in different locations and connected to different servers.

What you can see with online monitoring

  • The screens of employees located in different offices, cities and countries
  • The current status of each employee as follows…
    • Busy working
    • Spending time on personal matters
    • Away from the computer
  • The contents of all connected monitors
  • Key presses and mouse clicks in real time
  • The histogram of violations committed by employee

Free employee computer monitoring

If you are still not sure that you require a full employee tracking system, you can download our free version and monitor six employees in real time!

Please note that the free version does contain the following features: reporting, video recording and the histogram of violations.

Is there other employee monitoring software similar to Kickidler?

  • Most existing personnel control systems do not allow for online monitoring.
  • Certain systems only allow you to view the desktop of one employee at a time.
  • Kickidler records video and data in special compressed format. Competitors’ systems collect a much greater volume of information, which can become a problem for your network.
  • Only Kickidler allows you to observe a whole department or company at once.

Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

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