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Employee monitoring software

There are limits to how successful a business can be if managers are unaware of their staff’s activities at work.

The easiest way to learn about employee productivity is to use a cybersecurity solution to look at their computer screens.

Kickidler, a full computer forensics software system, gives you the option of monitoring user activity online, allowing you to see the desktops of each of your employees. When you see something that doesn’t look right, you can quickly take measures against those who are idling or trying to harm your company.

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Employee time tracking

The more time employees spend on personal matters, the less time they have left to work, and every company wants to increase employee productivity.

Kickidler employee investigation software helps you do this by showing you:

  • Exactly what your what your employees are doing at any given moment
  • How much time they were engaged in productive work and how much time they spent on unproductive matters
  • Which programs and resources they used
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Productivity fluctuations

Your employees work with different levels of productivity during any given day.

Reports on fluctuations in their activities will help you control work productivity.

You will be able to see when dips occur and take measures to improve the situation.

You will also be able to compare productivity levels between your department or entire office with that of others.

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Monitoring employee violations

All activity on company staff’s screens is is recorded on video.

Personal activities such as job searches and watching movies, not to mention intellectual property theft like sending customer information to a competitor’s database, are logged and displayed on a histogram of violations.

The user behavior analytics system will provide you with a log of the worker’s prohibited activities and you will be able to examine a complete history of his actions at the time of these violations.

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Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

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How to install Kickidler employee monitoring software?

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PCs of the supervisors
Install the Viewer on the PCs of the supervisors

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