Project and Task Tracking: A New Set of Tools to Monitor Project Teams with Kickidler →

Become Thoroughly Informed About All of Your Team's Activities

Kickidler employee monitoring software enables you to acquire comprehensive information on your team’s performance and make informed managerial decisions


Screen video recording

Review employees’ activity history at their PCs and get in-depth insights


Real-time screen viewing

View your employees’ screens in real time, including those of remote specialists.


Remote management

Get remote access to all your employees’ computers.


Productivity reports

See complete activity reports for each employee, department or the entire company in one click.


Time tracking

Automate the accounting of employees’ working hours using timesheets generated by the tracking software.


Data loss prevention (DLP)

Monitor all of your employees’ work activities, thus protecting yourself from potential database leaks or other malicious intent.


Automatic violation and event monitoring

Configure trigger events, and Kickidler will send incident notifications to both you and your employees

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Help Your Employees Realize Their Potential to the Fullest

Within the very first months after implementing Kickidler, our clients already observe the following effects:

from 20%

Productivity growth

from 10%

Engagement growth

from 15%

Growth of business efficiency

from 15%

Reducing the burden on managers

Take Your business to the Next Level with Kickidler

Over 5,000 companies in 60+ countries use Kickidler

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Visual Monitoring

Kickidler's visual monitoring features allow you to always stay on top of everything that's going on within your team

Real-time Screen Viewing

Main features:

  • visual monitoring: real-time online video feeds from employees’ computers;
  • monitoring employee computer activity;
  • automatic violation detection.

Kickidler is a next-generation employee monitoring tool that allows you to supervise an unlimited number of computers, conveniently grouping them into categories. Computer activity tracker also automatically notifies you of any detected violations by highlighting the employee’s video broadcast with a red frame and sending you a corresponding notification.

worker plays video games

Screen Video Recording

  • convenient filter by sites, applications, time of day;
  • configurable period of video storage on the server;
  • unique compression algorithm and configurable frame rate.

Kickidler software for monitoring employees records video from your employees' screens and stores it for as long as you may need it. This feature becomes indispensable in any disputable situation: for example, you might need screen monitoring when dealing with issues in the quality of customer service, investigating mistakes made during a project or incidents with unauthorized actions of your subordinates.

woman's hands typing

Comprehensive Supervision of Employees

  • keylogger (keystroke logging);
  • remote access;
  • histogram of violations.

Kickidler employee computer monitoring software provides advanced functionality that enables complete supervision of employee activity. In addition to productivity monitoring and visual monitoring, you can incorporate a keylogger that logs every keystroke. It is integrated with video recording, so you can simultaneously review both the log of keys pressed and the recording of the screen.

Productivity and Efficiency Analytics

Increase your team’s productivity and efficiency without any additional resources

woman's hands typing
  • efficiency report;
  • “Day’s details” report;
  • report on applications.

One of the best PC monitoring software provides all the tools you need to see how productively your subordinates are using their time. The efficiency report lets you know what your employees were doing, what programs and applications they were using, and what sites they were visiting. The "Day's details" report helps you delve deeper by identifying the most and least productive times of the day and analyzing engagement in different types of activities.

With the help of employee internet activity monitoring, you can mark different apps and sites as productive, neutral, and unproductive. These tags can be easily identified using the application report, which shows an arranged ranking table of all the apps and web resources that are most popular among your employees.

Time Tracking

Automate time tracking in your company

employee speaking with customer
  • working hours report;
  • timesheet;
  • time report.

The report on working hours provided by the activity tracking software is a universal summary of all the basic data. It shows general information about each employee's work day: when they started and finished their work, when they took breaks and for how long, whether or not they diverged from their approved schedule. You can also use this report to view a consolidated table with the total number of times your employees were absent, left early, and were late.

The timesheet shows the number of hours each of your subordinates worked during the workday. This report can be generated for a selected month or week. Finally, the time report allows you to further detail this information by viewing employees’ active and idle time in each application as well as creating visual histograms for both their activity and inactivity periods.

Employee Self-monitoring Tools (Autokick)

Help remote employees become more organized without using any additional managerial resources

employee looking at computer monitor
  • self-monitoring interface;
  • automatic notifications;
  • report on notifications.

Autokick is a unique set of Kickidler tools designed to improve the self-organization skills of your employees. It allows your subordinates to see reports on their own productivity and sends automatic notifications on committed violations, such as procrastination, launching unproductive apps, etc.

Autokick helps your employees keep track of their own performance, frees up working time of your managers and reduces any potential moral discomfort, since people feel much more relaxed when they are monitored by designated employee tracker software. After all, you simply customize the user monitoring software to your needs, and at any moment you’ll be able to check a dedicated report that shows the number of notifications on violations your subordinates received, how often these incidents occurred, and what types of violations they were.

Stealth Monitoring

Kickidler can be completely invisible to employees

employee looking at computer monitor

We recommend using Kickidler software to monitor employees transparently and openly. These are the steps you may choose to follow:

  1. inform your employees about the implementation of screen monitoring software;
  2. explain the goals you are pursuing and emphasize the positive changes for your team: more objective evaluations of their work, numerous benefits of Autokick self-monitoring module, greater autonomy for your employees;
  3. communicate clearly what data the desktop monitoring software collects and how it does it.

However, there are times when you need to temporarily conceal the fact that you monitor employees’ computers – for example, when you suspect there is an insider in your company. In such cases, Kickidler employee productivity monitoring software can be installed completely covertly. This way, you will get all the information about the activity of your every subordinate, and they won’t even grasp how to detect employee monitoring software.

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Kickidler Benefits


Extensive powerful functionality

ickidler is an all-in-one tool for effective workforce monitoring. It contains detailed reports on working hours, real-time visual desktop monitoring, screen recording, keystroke logging, productivity analysis, reports on application usage, and Autokick self-monitoring module for employees.


Cross-platform software

Kickidler is compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS: no matter what operating system you and your employees use, you will have full access to all the functionality of our solution that enables both desk monitoring and laptop tracking.


Security and reliability

Kickidler productivity monitoring software is impossible to deceive. Employees have no chances whatsoever to hide their actions from this IT monitoring software. Neither pressing the keyboard down with something nor procrastinating in social networks under the guise of SMM work will do any good – the combination of keylogger, efficiency report and advanced visual monitoring tools of our computer tracking software leaves no chance for dishonest employees.


Ease of installation and configuration

Kickidler employee PC monitoring software requires no special skills to master, even for a person with no IT background. We offer a product that is both powerful and easy to use.

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6 Benefits of Employee Activity Monitoring Software for Managers

Ensure steady growth of your business with Kickidler software to track employee productivity



Get transparent data on how your subordinates actually work: when they arrive to work and when they leave, all the breaks they take, what they do with their work hours. See at a glance all the problem areas and points of growth.



Assure your employees of your objectivity in making management decisions. You will be able to justify any bonuses and penalties with objective data gathered by employee productivity tracking software.



Protect your company from fraudsters, procrastinators and insiders. By monitoring employee computers, you receive automatic notifications on any violations.



Motivate your team. When people know that their efforts will be recognized by top management, they start working harder - and Autokick tool for remote employee monitoring provides additional motivation for your staff.


Wise with time

Implify the work of executives. Get all the data you need for decision-making with literally two clicks. The employee tracking software saves your managers a lot of time and allows them to focus on more pressing operational tasks.



Increase the efficiency of your business by more than 20% by improving your employees’ productivity and deepening your own understanding of the internal processes.

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What is the difference between Kickidler TT and EM versions?

Kickidler EM (Employee Monitoring) version is aimed at complete monitoring of employees. It includes all the features available within the user activity monitoring software, which are mainly visual monitoring tools such as online PC activity monitoring, screen video recording, remote management, violation management, keystroke logging, etc. Kickidler TT (Time Tracking) version contains only the tools for productivity analysis, time tracking, and employee self-monitoring, which are also available in the EM version.

Kickidler version EM TT
Visual monitoring Yes No
Productivity analysis Yes Yes
Time tracking Yes Yes
Tools for self-monitoring Yes Yes
Is Kickidler suitable for remote teams?

Absolutely! One of the main advantages of Kickidler remote PC monitoring software is that our solution is equally suitable for monitoring both office and remote employees. For each employee who works remotely, our employee productivity tool:

At the same time, Kickidler does not access employee personal data. All you have to do is instruct your subordinates to use a specially designated work account.

Is Kickidler secure?

Our computer usage tracker collects all data about your employees and their activity, so we take great care to ensure that no information is leaked. All data is stored on the central server that only you have access to. In turn, you can choose whether to deploy the solution in the cloud or have it on a computer in your organization. In either case, the data is securely encrypted, so there’s no way to access it from the outside.

Is it required to utilize all features of Kickidler?

Kickidler employee productivity software offers powerful and advanced analytics tools, but it doesn't mean you need to use all of them at once. Its core features – employee monitoring and generating productivity reports – are literally just a couple of clicks away: you can install Kickidler in the morning and receive your first data summaries in the evening.

Such an approach ensures easy implementation of the employee monitoring solution in your organization. If you’re wondering how to monitor employee computer activity, you don't actually need extensive training or professional assistance – Kickidler can be implemented and used straight away.

What’s the ROI on Kickidler?

Each case is different, but the answer is basically the same: our software for employee computer monitoring pays off pretty quickly. Here are just a few cases of our clients to support this claim:

Our experience shows that if used properly, monitoring software for employees starts generating profit from the very first month following its implementation. Sign up, and we will help you achieve similar results!