TeleLinkSoft invites companies operating in the field of information technologies for the affiliate program cooperation.

Kickidler is needed for companies whose management plans to:

  • Evaluate the efficiency and performance of their employees at the workstations simply and conveniently
  • Get remote access to the statistics outside the office
  • Grow up efficiency of the employees
  • Use the company's resources rationally to develop its business

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Principles of cooperation with partners

TeleLinkSoft Company pays special attention to the development of the affiliate network and adheres to the following rules:

  • Provides partners with equal opportunities in disseminating the solution
  • Does not impose restrictions on the minimum volume of purchases
  • Guarantees the protection of transactions
  • Provides prompt technical, information and marketing support

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We offer to our partners

  • Favorable initial conditions for cooperation
  • Available marketing and informational materials for the partner's customers (commercial offers, texts of mailings)
  • Support in conducting the advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Consultations and training of the partner's customers on the product
  • Technical support in stages of testing, implementation and use of the program by the partner's customers
  • Certificate of partnership

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How to become a partner

Legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals operating at the IT market, providing IT consulting or hosting services and selling software, are entitled to participate in the partnership program.

In order to become a partner, fill out the form. Our specialist will contact you to conclude a license agreement and discuss the terms of cooperation.

You may also send a message to

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Registration of the partner's customers

The partner shall register the customer in the personal account of Kickidler, so that the customer is assigned to the partner in the system. Each partner is provided with an individual code to identify his customers and a referral link.

The partner can register a customer in the following ways:

  • In the form indicating his individual code
  • Use the referral link
  • By the promo code that the partner provides to the customer for registration
  • Tell us the customer’s e-mail, if he has registered by himself, so that we can allocate him in the system to the partner

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Purchase of licenses and activation

The partner issues an order in the personal cabinet of Kickidler or through the form of the "Order", indicating the parameters of the licenses: the number of computers and the period of use of the software.

The partner pays the cost of the license in a non-cash form according to the license agreement. After payment, the licenses are credited the to the personal cabinet of partner's customer for activation.

Prices for the Kickidler software package are shown at the website in the «Prices»" section. Sale of the program to the customers should be carried out at prices that are specified at the website.

Become a partner

To become our partner, fill out the form. The specialist will contact you to conclude a license agreement.