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Find out exactly how much time and money is spent on projects and tasks. Get the most from your project teams.

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How Kickidler PT Optimizes the Performance of Project Teams

Unleash the full potential of your team: turn every task into a success through complete transparency and monitoring!

  • Ensure comprehensive monitoring and full transparency of workflows by implementing effective real-time project management.
  • React instantly to idle time and inefficient time usage by utilizing advanced analytics and monitoring tools.
  • Be up to date on who is working on what tasks and how much time it takes, maximizing accountability and transparency within your team.
  • Compare and evaluate your employees to identify high performers and determine areas for professional development.
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Встреча команды Приложения и сайты Общее время сотрдуника Сотрудники, работающие над задачей

Improve productivity and make every operation more efficient!

  • Detailed time tracking by project allows for transparency and accountability in time allocation across the team.
  • Analysis of employee productivity on tasks provides valuable data to identify areas for improvement or additional staff training.
  • Utilized applications and visited websites provide important information on how employees allocate their time, identifying potential sources of distraction and misuse of resources.
  • Employee focus fosters targeted allocation of employee effort and resources, ensuring that key initiatives are promoted more effectively. 
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Turn every project into a source of profit with Kickidler PT: Boost your financial return every step of the way

  • A detailed analysis of project costs, including employee salaries, provides a complete understanding of your cost structure.
  • Assessing the revenue from each project demonstrates their contribution to the overall financial success of the company.
  • Calculating the real profit from projects helps determine their actual impact and profitability.
  • Identifying opportunities for revenue growth identifies development strategies and areas for investment.
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Turn every project into a source of profit with Kickidler PT: Boost your financial return every step of the way!

Create projects and epics, assign team members and managers to them

  • Track project progress and resource utilization.
  • Identify factors that affect deadline changes and hinder task completion.
  • Help improve collaboration and teamwork efficiency.
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Встреча команды Задействованно сотрудников Канбан доска

Manage tasks and monitor their execution, give the team autonomy in task management

  • Set and monitor tasks in real time.
  • Delegate authority to employees to initiate and plan their own tasks.
  • Encourage autonomy and responsibility throughout the workflow, building trust and cooperation within the team.
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Two flexible approaches to recording employees’ work on projects and tasks, which can be tailored to fit any business structure

Strict style

This approach requires employees to start and finish work on projects and tasks with a start-stop-pause button, ensuring accurate time tracking and providing an instant record of the work they’ve done.

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Trust-based style

This approach allows employees to report their work independently at the end of the day. It ensures data accuracy by analyzing apps and sites that were utilized to see how it correlates to projects and tasks completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kickidler Project Tracking?

Kickidler Project Tracking is an advanced employee monitoring and performance analytics solution designed to optimize workflows and improve project performance. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to track team time, activity and performance in real time.

What are the key features Kickidler Project Tracking offers?

Kickidler PT offers a wide variety of features including employee activity monitoring, productivity analysis, time and resource reporting, as well as tools to analyze and optimize workflows. This helps project managers and team leaders better understand how resources are being utilized within a project.

Is Kickidler Project Tracking suitable for monitoring remote teams?

Yes, Kickidler PT is perfectly suited for monitoring remote teams as it provides the ability to monitor the work of employees across the globe. This provides visibility into the work of remote teams and helps maintain high productivity.

How is Kickidler Project Tracking different from Jira?

While Kickidler Project Tracking focuses on monitoring employee activity and performance analytics to optimize workflows across projects and tasks, Jira is a project and task management tool that provides functionality for planning, tracking, and collaborating on project tasks.

Kickidler offers more in-depth analysis of productivity and time usage, while Jira focuses on managing project development and execution process. These tools effectively complement each other.

How does Kickidler Project Tracking help improve team productivity?

Kickidler Project Tracking allows project managers to receive detailed reports on team performance, identify performance issues, and take immediate action to resolve them.

By analyzing data about time spent on tasks and employee activity, managers can optimize workflows and improve overall team efficiency.

Can Kickidler Project Tracking be integrated with other services?

Currently, Kickidler Project Tracking is not directly integrated with other services, but we are actively working on this functionality and plan to include it in the next stages of our product development. This will allow Kickidler to interact even more closely with the wide range of tools and platforms used in your business, improving overall efficiency and usability.

Will there be an option to integrate Kickidler Project Tracking with Payoneer for employee payroll?

Yes, we have plans to develop an integration feature with Payoneer and other payment processing systems to facilitate the process of employee payroll payments directly through the software. This will greatly simplify the management of financial transactions within the company and increase the efficiency of employee payments.

How much does Kickidler Project Tracking cost?

Currently, users of the Kickidler TT and Kickidler EM versions can use all Kickidler PT functionality for free. In the future, there are plans to introduce a fee-based model for using the tool.

Other versions of the Kickidler product

Kickidler Time Tracking

This version of Kickidler specializes in employee time tracking. With its help, you can accurately track how much time employees spend on work regardless of projects and tasks, which allows you to improve time management and optimize work processes in general.

Фиолетовая стрелка в правый верхний угол
Kickidler Employee Monitoring

This version of Kickidler is designed for more advanced monitoring of employee activity on work computers. In addition to Kickidler TT functionality, it provides tools for visual activity monitoring, such as screen broadcasting, recording and viewing video activity, keystroke logging (keylogger) and remote access.

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Kickidler Data Loss Prevention

This version of Kickidler focuses on preventing data loss and securing sensitive company data. It helps manage access to sensitive data, monitor data transfers and prevent data breaches.

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