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Employee Time Tracking Software

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✔ automate and optimize time tracking for your team

✔ get intuitive and transparent real-time analytics

✔ increase employee productivity without the need to directly supervise your staff

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What is time tracking software?

Kickidler Time Tracking software is all-in-one automated software that collects data and generates detailed analytics on your employees’ computer activity:

Интерфейс Kickidler Time Tracking

5000+ organizations from 60 countries rely on us

Benefits of time tracking software for your business

Analyze every second of your team's working time with comprehensive Kickidler Time Tracking data:

Activity history

Track every activity of your employees, including web page visits, app launches, page titles, and downtime. View screenshots by event (in development).

Screenshot Time tracking

Time tracking

Automate time tracking for your team. Record employee lateness, breaks, early departures, and overtime. Receive a standardized Timesheet by email.


Productivity Analysis

Increase your team's productivity with comprehensive productivity reports including Rating of Employees, Efficiency Report, Day's Details report and Dynamics report.


Websites and Apps

Analyze which websites and apps your employees use during the workday. Assess websites by category: productive, unproductive, neutral.

Benefits of time tracking software for remote employees

Optimize remote teams by encouraging employees to perform at their best:

Employee Self-Monitoring Interface

Give employees the ability to monitor their own productivity, thus increasing the focus, concentration, and efficiency of remote teams.

Automatic Notifications

Set up automatic notifications for events, whether it's a lengthy break, distraction with entertainment resources, or suspicious activity. Promote discipline without interference from managers.

20 minutes of inactivity for an hour

2023-08-01 12:30

telegram.exe launched

2023-08-01 15:03 visit

2023-08-01 17:49

Project Monitoring (release date ~ November 2023)

Analyze and optimize project team performance, including real time spent on projects and tasks, actual productivity and workload intensity, and actual financial performance. Unique Kickidler Time Tracking feature.

Summary (release date ~ December 2023)

View an up-to-date summary of your teams' productivity and working hours using a convenient dashboard. Identify performance bottlenecks quickly and take the necessary corrective action.

Additional features of Kickidler time tracking software

Pictogram Stealth

Stealth and Open Mode of Installation

When installed in stealth mode, the software does not show up in Task Manager

Pictogram API


Configure data exchange between Kickidler and other services

Pictogram Cloud Version

Cloud and On-Premise Versions

Deploy Kickidler in the cloud or on your own server – whatever suits your needs

Pictogram Offline Version

Offline Version

Use Kickidler without Internet access

Pictogram Visual Monitoring

Visual Monitoring

See real-time feeds from employee desktops and record videos of the broadcasts

Pictogram Admin and Manager Access

Admin and Manager Access

Allow full and limited access to reports and program settings

Pictogram Reports to Email

Send Reports to Email

Receive time and productivity reports by email in Excel format

Effect of Kickidler Time Tracking Implementation

by 20%

Increased productivity

by 10%

Greater engagement

by 15%

Boost business efficiency

by 15%

Decreased workload on managers

Kickidler Time Tracking: Tailored for Every Minute, Across Every Industry

Stop the clock on wasted time and supercharge your productivity with Kickidler. Our versatile time tracking software empowers individuals and businesses of all sizes to streamline their workflow and achieve more.

Kickidler is more than just time tracking software; it's your key to unlocking a world of improved efficiency, better client satisfaction, and maximized profitability.

Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Kickidler Time Tracking

... One of the best solutions for employee monitoring. Since implementing Kickidler, I have grown to love modern methods of monitoring even more. It's super convenient and efficient. I spend little to no time checking reports, and I'm always up to date on everything.

... Best of its kind. Impressive functionality (especially in terms of its reports and remote monitoring), flexible customization, intuitive interface. I also like the fact that there is a local installation version – it's more reliable, convenient and secure this way rather than deploying such software in the cloud.

... I really enjoyed Kickidler: it fulfilled all the tasks we had purchased it for. Namely, we were able to reduce time employees wasted on social networks and other non-work-related Internet activity, and our overall team productivity increased. Although its interface does look a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven't used such software before.

... Great job! We're a small company, so it was especially nice to find everything tailored for the likes of us too. Installation is easy, tech support is quick to answer any questions, and the software itself doesn't need a server as it runs from the cloud. Affordable and efficient!

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What is the effect of implementing time tracking software?

We have already mentioned the average statistics above, here we will add some examples from practice:

  1. An online store reduced the bounce rate from 30% to 15%, and the economic effect of Kickidler implementation amounted to ~8000 € per month
  2. In the tech support of an international company, the installation of Kickidler boosted first line productivity by 27%, while also helping to detect two fraudsters on the second line. The overall productivity increase amounted to 15% and our client saved money related to the planned hiring of 5 new employees.
  3. A large insurance company used Kickidler to increase the number of calls answered in a timely manner by 10% and achieved a 15% average increase in productivity across the organization. Time tracking software has also helped to improve employee discipline and enhance customer service.
How to implement time tracking software?

here are only 5 simple steps:

  1. define goals and objectives;
  2. calculate the number of employees you want to monitor (separately specify the number of branches and remote workers);
  3. choose the software version (On-Cloud or On-Premise);
  4. install Kickidler Time Tracking and configure the software for your needs;
  5. introduce the monitoring to your employees.

We are ready to assist you at any step, just email Kickidler managers! Download Kickidler time tracking software free.

Is it safe to use Kickidler?

Our software collects all data about your employees' activity on their computers, so we've taken great care to protect it in advance. All information is securely encrypted and stored on a server that only you have access to: we've done everything we can to minimize any risk of leakage. Kickidler fits for all types of businesses, especially for employee time tracking software for small business.

Is it legal to track employee time using the software?

Simply put, yes. After all, you are not monitoring the employees’ personal life, but rather the manner in which they use their work computer and the times of its usage – and we’re talking here about both company’s property and billable hours. At the same time, to avoid accidentally accessing personal information:

  1. warn your employees about the monitoring, and familiarize them, by signature, with its regulations;
  2. ban the use of personal messengers or social networks on work computers.

Employee time tracking software free download.

How to inform employees about the monitoring?

We recommend that you tell your employees about the implementation of the time tracking software in an honest, open and detailed manner. Clarify to them all the important points:

  1. what is the purpose of the monitoring you are initiating;
  2. what, how and when you will track employee time;
  3. how you will utilize the collected information in the future;
  4. how the implementation of Kickidler Time Tracking will improve employees' lives (objective evaluation of results, redistribution of workload, financial rewards for high performance, etc.).

Be objective, don't forget about incentives, and there will not be a problem with the fact of monitoring. These points perfectly fit any type of companies- be it small business or large.

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