January 2022 Kickidler Update: API

01/20/2022, 12339 views
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January 2022 Kickidler Update: API

January 2022. We’ve released an API for our employee monitoring software. Kickidler API version 1.0 can provide third-party systems with the following information:

  • Company structure. You can get data about the structure of the company in Kickidler in order to sync it with your own system.
  • Data on the type of employee activity over a specified period of time (productive, unproductive, neutral, no category, inactivity) that’s similar to the data provided by the Report on productivity or the “Details of the Day” report.
  • Data on employees’ working hours (time of arriving to work, time of leaving work, total time at work, lateness, overtime, absences, etc.) that’s similar to the data shown in the Report on working hours.

When can you use Kickidler API?

The API will enable you to use the data collected by Kickidler employee monitoring software in third-party services such as:

Example 1. You have customized CRM software, and you want your employees’ overall productivity during their workdays to be displayed there as well. 

Example 2. You want the interface of your physical access control system (PACS) to show not only the times when your employees arrive to work and leave the office, but also when they turn their computers on and off.

Our API allows you to solve all these problems. You can find all the technical information about the API here.
And we are definitely not stopping here. We are going to gradually expand our API and add more features. If you have any additional suggestions regarding our software (for example, what other data you’d like to obtain with its help), send us an email. We’ll be happy to receive any feedback from you!
We’ve also noted all your wishes mentioned in our recent poll, and this year we’ll be releasing lots of useful updates.

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

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01/20/2022, 12339 views
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