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Kickidler for Security Service

Detect insider threats through online surveillance

If you suspect that some of your employees are acting in a way that is detrimental to the company, install our unique quad tool video monitoring system.

Similar to the format used in video surveillance systems, it will allow you to see what your staff is up to in real time so you can work to prevent insider attacks.

Watch 20-30 employees or more at a time – the number is only limited by the size of the monitor.

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Analysis of incidents

All actions taking place on the desktops of employees’ computers are recorded on video.

If an employee visits a specified site, runs a program or opens a window with a header designated as restricted (for example, with the title "Export"), the event will appear in the histogram of events.

Security personnel can target the portion of the histogram that is of interest and can view in detail the history of actions of the employee that took place around the time of the violation.

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Keystroke interception

The Kickidler system includes a keylogger component that is able to log every key the user presses on the keyboard.

A unique feature of our product is the ability to broadcast employee keystrokes, including passwords, online.

You can also view the history of entered keystrokes, together with a video of the employee’s actions, if necessary, such as in the case of an insider risk employee investigation

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Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

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How to install Kickidler employee monitoring software?

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PCs of the supervisors
Install the Viewer on the PCs of the supervisors

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