Kickidler Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking. What version should you choose?

Client Case №21. A large insurance company increased its effectiveness with Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

A large insurance company increased its effectiveness with Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

A large insurance company increased its effectiveness with Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

Around two years ago we received a request to implement Kickidler in a large insurance company. During the satisfaction survey we conducted, the client reported of an upsurge in their employees’ discipline and effectiveness that has been possible with the help of Kickidler employee monitoring software. So we talked to the HR manager of the company to find out the details of such monitoring.

Why did you decide to implement Kickidler?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all the departments, including the claims department, the underwriting department, and call center specialists switched to working remotely. As a result, our senior management was worried that the company would be experiencing losses due to the absence of direct control. The task was to prevent our employees from becoming ineffective. That’s why we started looking for employee monitoring software that’ll suit our particular needs. Having conducted thorough research, we decided to choose Kickidler, because it had the best value for money. What’s more, Kickidler’s specialists offer free installation and support of the software, working in close connection with our IT Department.

How long have you been using the software?

We bought the license in May of 2021. First, we took our time to explore the features of the software and to assess its effectiveness in raising the productivity of our employees. After using the software for several months, we expanded our scope of use.

What features of the software do you use?

Let me first mention that we do not use the Viewer in Kickidler, as we turned off the video monitoring feature. Instead, we use all types of reports that are a great help to us. Employees are aware of the fact that they are being monitored, and they also have the self-monitoring interface on their computers. 

To make the monitoring even more effective, we have given department heads access to see the metrics of their employees and to compare them to the numbers defined for each position. If the KPIs and the data provided by Kickidler overlap, we undertake corresponding measures.

How has the implementation of Kickidler impacted the working processes within the company?

As a result of the company’s strategy in using the software, employees’ discipline and their effectiveness have increased. In addition to seeing their effectiveness metrics on a daily basis, every month both employees and their supervisors receive the reports on effectiveness.

What course of action do you choose when dealing with productive and unproductive employees?

We do not make any decision based solely on this software. Since there are other tools (like KPIs), we have the ability to make unbiased decisions, with fairly positive outcomes.

How do you measure productivity?

We measure productivity for each employee based on the effectiveness numbers relevant to their position. Say, the profit underwriters have a metric of 55% effectiveness, call center specialists – 65%, etc.

What unique case can you provide as an example of you using the software?

Well, we had to fire one employee after implementing the monitoring and comparing his results with set KPIs and other factors. We didn’t have to hire another employee to replace the one that got fired, because Kickidler monitoring had shown that the duties of that employee could actually be distributed among other employees. Our main reason for firing that specialist was the fact that he was constantly engaged in not work-related activity during working hours, and that’s something we had been able to notice with the help of Kickidler’s reports.

Have your employees ever tried to cheat the software?

Yes, they actually tried to fake abnormally productive activity! Several employees seemed to be incredibly busy with work; their effectiveness wasn’t ever slowing down during the workdays, almost like they were robots.

It was clear to us that the employees were cheating, and we simply needed to prove that hypothesis. And so we watched Kickidler’s video recordings of the workdays of those employees at their PCs. Indeed, they were cheating! We managed to detect that they resorted to using a special app (automatic clicker), and the employees were reprimanded for that.

Do you think that other large companies should use the software?

Yes, large companies have to turn to such solutions, especially if their employees are working remotely or they have a hybrid work model. When employees work in the office, it is harder for them to try and fake their productivity than when they work remotely. When you work from the comfort of your own home, there are many factors that hinder your productivity, since you could easily waste time on your phone in messengers or checking entertainment and shopping sites instead of actually working. 

Overview in numbers

The income of this insurance company depends mainly on the satisfaction of their existing clients and requests from potential clients.
Satisfaction of clients with the company’s services, in turn, depends on timely responses to their requests, solving client issues in time and organizing relevant quality service.

Answering requests whether it be via email, phone, website or chat is incredibly important, especially when it comes to the insurance company. Prior to Kickidler’s implementation the employees were communicating with 99% of clients, but they struggled with timely responses to the clients’ requests. Once the software was implemented, the employees started to respond to clients quicker. Most importantly, they started missing less calls, and the number of answered calls improved by over 10%. Moreover, since the employees stopped wasting their time in various applications and websites, they became more concentrated and started working with 15% quicker than before. Long queues at the doors of the insurance cabinets in many medical institutions decreased drastically. The claims department specialists were able to improve their effectiveness and satisfaction levels by 10%. Another interesting fact was that while the employees were working remotely, their workdays could be truly endless and for many specialists they lasted till night, around 8-9 pm. Kickidler helped identify that shortcoming.

Kickidler also helped company’s employees to be more polite during calls with their clients, since the specialists were aware of the monitoring and they assumed they were being monitored every minute of the workday.

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

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