Kickidler On-Premise

The employee monitoring software can be deployed one of two ways:

  • On-Premise: the product is installed on your devices, for example, on your office computer.
  • Cloud: the solution is installed on a remote server, and you access it via the Internet.

While the first option is more reliable and steady, the second one is easier to implement, since you don’t have to buy any additional devices or bother with the whole setup process. However, we still recommend you choose the On-Premise model, and today we’ve decided to go a bit more in-depth why that’s our preferred deployment option.

Kickidler itself has been designed as an On-Premise solution, but it's also tailored to cloud deployment. So if that’s what you prefer, you can install Kickidler software for monitoring employees on the cloud, and we’ll gladly help you with that.

Kickidler features

Kickidler is advanced employee monitoring software with comprehensive time tracking, employee behavior analytics & data loss prevention functionality. Our solution automatically collects all the data regarding your employees’ computer activity. It tracks everything, from the time they started working and the things they were doing to the apps they used and the websites they visited.

Detailed productivity reports are generated based on the continuous stream of data obtained. With a single click, you can easily get precise review of your employees’ performance, and these reports can be generated for any time period you choose or even for specific employees and entire teams.

Other features of the software include automatic notifications that inform you of procrastination and remind you to get back to work; keystroke logging; screenshots and screen recordings; remote PC management – everything you could possibly need to effectively monitor your employees’ performance.

On-Premise Benefits

While the cloud-based option may seem like a more convenient and more budget-friendly choice, in practice things are not quite as clear-cut and straightforward as they appear. First, cloud solutions depend directly on the availability of Internet access and the reliability of the provider. It’s actually the service provider who’s responsible for making sure everything works. So if something goes wrong, there’s nothing you’ll be able to do about it, just sit and wait.

Second, cloud software implies that you learn to adapt to an already established configuration. Such software is usually deployed on a predefined server and has predefined settings, so it’s not as agile as you may require. Should you need some fancy functionality or additional capacity, there’s no guarantee you’ll have it.

Data security

Another major advantage of the On-Premise solution – and this one is probably the most important one – is data security. If you opt for the cloud option, all your company data will be stored somewhere on the servers of the cloud provider. The logical question then is, just how well is this information protected?

Is there a backup? How is the encryption done? Who has access to the data – and not just on paper, but really? What scenarios exist in case the data gets lost or leaked? You have no control over any of these things, so essentially it comes down to whether or not you trust your provider.

Keep in mind that even the most advanced and high-tech companies suffer from data breaches. Just look at the recent cases of Microsoft, Okta or – there truly is a myriad of examples. With the On-Premise solutions, chances of data breaches happening are slim to none – since the server is located directly in your office, you have full control over it.

Unlimited data retention

Finally, every cloud stores data backups only for a certain period of time, like six or twelve months, and then everything is deleted. So if you want to have constant access to your data, you’ll need to regularly download backups, and that may not be convenient for everyone. Plus there’s always the risk of unexpected data loss. You may forget to renew your subscription, or you may simply not be able to do it due to possible account or payment card restrictions – and then your data just vanishes.

This doesn’t happen with On-Premise. All the data is stored on hard drives in your office, and you can access it any time you want. It enables you to track the company dynamics, the changes in key metrics and everything else more accurately.

Essentially, all the things we’ve mentioned above are the reason why we prefer to deploy Kickidler as an On-Premise solution – and that’s how we recommend you do it, too!

Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

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