Unique key that's required for installation of the software package components. It's updated every 30 days. It explicitly links the component to the account in the user's personal account.

Personal account

The web page on the Internet that's personalized by the login, through which the user can manage aspects of licensing and settings of the software package.


Permission for the copy of the program to work with the specified functionality list. Types of licenses are as follows: Demo license, Trial license, Fixed-term license, Lifetime license.

Demo license

Unlimited license with limited program functionality. It's activated if no other license types are set up. It has a fixed number of simultaneously working grabbers.

Trial license

Time-limited license to introduce the full functionality of the program. It's automatically created and activated for each new installed grabber. By default its term is 7 days from installation.

Fixed-term license

Time-limited license with full program functionality. It's purchased and activated in the user's personal account. You can extend your license period at any time by renewing it.

Lifetime license

Unlimited license with full program functionality. It's purchased and activated in the user's personal account.


Software for data storage and processing. It's downloaded on the computer of sufficient capacity. It doesn’t undergo licensing.

Central Server

One of the Servers of the software package that, in addition to the functions of the regular Server, stores data for reports and settings of the software package (structure of the organization, efficiency assessment, filters on violations). This Server has web interface.

Web interface of the Central Server

Web page that helps user interact with the Central Server.


Software for data collection. It's downloaded on the computers of the users that will be monitored. It shall be licensed.


Software for monitoring and analyzing data. It's downloaded on the computers of users who will carry out monitoring. It doesn't undergo licensing.


Interface for online employee monitoring. It's divided into units.


Area on the screen of the square that contains video from monitors of one employee and buttons to select the monitoring regime.


Object for identifying a certain worker of the organization. Sessions are added to the employee. An employee can have several sessions, in case the employee has several workplaces.


User's session on the computer, unique identifier of which is saved by the program on the server. The unique identifier contains a combination of computer name, user login and name of the domain.


All actions made by the mouse and keyboard at the computer. Activity can be divided by categories of efficiency.


Lack of actions by a mouse and keyboard at the computer.


Assessment of usefulness of a certain app (program or web page) for a certain employee. Efficiency includes 3 statuses: productive, unproductive, neutral.


Violations are the rules by which the system will monitor various types of activity, inactivity, applications or titles.


Web-page or program running on an employee’s computer.

Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications are the rules that automatically inform you of events that occur in the system.


Events are a signal generated by the system.

  • Fill the form and get activation key by e-mail
  • The key is active for 30 days.
  • The rime limit of free resting is 7 days.
  • Use full functional of Kickidler for one week
  • After you can make online monitoring for 6 employees