Top Black Friday Deals for Raising Productivity at Workspace

11/24/2022, 2605 views
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Top Black Friday Deals for Raising Productivity at Workspace

It’s Black Friday again and businesses have the chance to increase their productivity getting a benefitial offer from top software companies. Our team has created a list of best productivity tools that are meant to raise productivity. These tools are going to make working environment more productive than ever with the lowest price of the year. Here we go!



Kickidler is an employee monitoring software thathelps to raise effectivity of employees and becomes a universal tool of monitoring your team. The software detects violations made by employees, productivity and applications used. The video history can be exported for any period of time chosen. Having all activities fixed, software helps in controlling the personnel, making timesheets, avoiding data leakage and indicating the most productive employees.

Key features:

  • Screen recording
  • Employee productivity analysis
  • Computer screen broadcasting
  • Violations monitoring
  • User activity monitoring
  • Remote PC access
  • Keylogger
  • Remote employee monitoring
  • Automatic notifications

Black Friday deal: 30% off

Coupon code: KickFriday

Offer Validity: November 30


ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration tool. It helps you stay on top of every project in your business. You'll always see the big picture, what's in progress, what's coming up next, and who's in charge of what—so you'll be able to focus on what matters most: making sure everything goes smoothly!

Black Friday Special Deal:

With the ProofHub Black Friday Cyber Monday deal for 2022, you can get the Ultimate Control plan, which is normally priced at $150 per month on monthly billing and $135 per month on annual billing, for a flat $89 per month (for 6 months only) when billed annually and $99 per month when billed monthly. Both pricing options allow an unlimited number of users.

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Evernote Proffesional

Evernote Professional offers a central location for your notes, task lists, and Google Calendars to work together to give you context and clarity, reduce friction, and help you stay focused on what matters most right now.

Key Features:

  • STAY FLEXIBLE: Adapt Evernote to your workflow with a custom Home dashboard, iOS widgets, templates, and saved searches.
  • GET IT DONE: Use tasks and a connected Google calendar to stay on top of to-do’s, meet deadlines and keep your schedule managed.
  • STAY ON TRACK: Use Evernote templates or create your own to make notes, research and projects easy to manage.
  • GO PAPERLESS: Scan handwritten notes, handouts and tests to have important documents available at all times. Don’t forget to clip research from the web or even forward important emails directly into your account.
  • WORK ANYWHERE: Edit your notes offline, and sync when you're reconnected.
  • UNLIMITED DEVICES: Use Evernote on every computer, phone, or tablet you own.
  • SAVE EMAILS FAST: Forward emails into Evernote to save them with related notes.

Black Friday deal: 25% off

Coupon Code: N/A

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ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity tool designed to tackle any task from your daily to-dos to complex projects, even your business' entire workflow—all in one centralized place.

It has hundreds of flexible tools, real-time updates, drag-and-drop functionality, and over 1,000 integrations to connect all your work together. Use ClickUp to take the heavy lifting off of workflow management by streamlining your processes and optimizing your day-to-day process.

The platform is fully customizable and easy to use, with teams across industries able to configure ClickUp for any use case and in any way that best supports their project needs.

ClickUp features 15 ways to view your work, as well as custom automation features to automate your workflow and keep processes consistent at all times.

Product Name: CYBERUP

Black Friday deal: 20%

Coupon code: N/A

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Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a powerful team communication tool, which can be used for office chat, team collaboration, and instant messaging for both office and remote teams. By offering highly secure end-to-end chat encryption, it provides highly reliable features to support the user’s office chat experience.

Best Features: Screen share, Burnout, Forkout, Video calling, Favorite Contacts, Groups, On-Premise, Chat APIs etc.

Black Friday Deal: 60% Off on the Enterprise plan for the First Year

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY60

Validity: 24th Nov 2022 to 25th Dec 2022

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nTask is a task and project management software that can help you manage your remote teams and all of the work that they do regarding the project development process, in a single intuitive interface.

Key Features: Task Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Time Tracking, Team Management, Kanban Boards and Gantt charts

Black Friday Deal: 40% OFF on all Premium and Business annual plans

Coupon Code: BFCM2022

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Simple Business CRM

Simple Business CRM is more than just CRM. One program to manage your whole company. The program is universal and suitable for any field of activity.

Key features:

  1. Maintaining the client base (all types of communications with the client; document templates; sales funnel, charts and graphs, sales reports; connecting requests from the website to CRM, etc.).
  2. Project and task management (project files, time tracking, Gantt chart, calendar).
  3. Personnel management (task performance control, task assignment, knowledge base, call recording, employee statistics).
  4. Document management (storage of files of any type, replacement, scanning, sending documents by fax).
  5. Built-in communications (IP-telephony, SMS, e-mail and SMS-mailings, chat, video conferences).
  6. Accounting and warehouse accounting.
  7. Site management (built-in CMS).
  8. End-to-end business analytics (key indicators from visits and requests to profit and ROI in a single report, connecting Yandex.Direct and Google Ads, lead generation services, call tracking).

Black Friday deal:

from 21 to 30 November

  • for 6 months - 30%
  • for 12 months - 40%
  • per box 20%
  • for new registered + 5% discounts

Coupon code: N/A

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PDF Liner

PDFLiner — a cloud-based no-installation-needed PDF reader, editor, form filler, and form designer. Simply put, you can access PDFLiner from any device and drag-and-drop a PDF into your browser to start editing it. Create, edit, convert PDFs, collaborate, sign, and fax files, as well as store documents.

Sale Offer: 40% OFF any plan

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY22

Offer Validity: until November 30, 2022

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Taskade helps your remote teams manage projects using collaborative workspaces and built-in video and messaging tools—across platforms.Taskade lets you break every project down into smaller tasks that you can organize and track in just one workspace.Your departments and teams can share to-do lists, manage tasks, and organize notes in dedicated folders.

Key features: Send text chats, launch virtual meetings, screen share with one click, create unlimited tasks and sub-tasks

Black Friday deal: Get 10% off when you spend $150+ on Black Friday products from now until Nov. 29, 2022 at noon CT.

Coupon code: N/A

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Content Snare

The easy way to collect information and documents from clients

Key Features: Form builder, automatic reminders, all client info autosaved, comments / discussions, Integrations

Black Friday Deal: 30% off monthly plans for 6 months

Coupon Code: BF22

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Cloud Telecommunication provider.

Zadarma is one of the leading cloud telecommunication providers on the market. It allows businesses and individuals to cover all their voice communication needs: from virtual phone numbers to an extensive business phone system.

Key features: Zadarma - from speech recognition and callback widget to PBX and CRM systems - provides its customers with a comprehensive solution for their telecom needs.

Black Friday deal: 30% off monthly fees on newly connected numbers in 16 countries: USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru; and 30% off our Office and Corporation Price Plans.

Coupon code: Office price plan - OFBF2022EU, OFBF2022USA, OFBF2022AM, OFBF2022WRL, OFBF2022SW, OFBF2022UKR, OFBF2022KZ. Corporation price plan - CRBF2022EU, CRBF2022USA, CRBF2022AM, CRBF2022WRL, CRBF2022SW, CRBF2022UKR, CRBF2022KZ.

The offer validity: until December 10, 2022.

Get offer provides opportunity to build lead community from scratch. It helps sales reps, marketers, link builders, PR specialists, recruiters, etc. to find email addresses of people they want to connect with (e.g. sales prospects, influencers, candidates), build quality email lists, and send highly personalized trackable email campaigns from a single platform.

Key Features

  • Find and verify emails by social media links or domain
  • Create automated email campaigns
  • Create and manage sales deals

Black Friday deals:50% off

Coupon code: N/A

Offer validity: Valid from November 21 - November 30

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Apploye is a time tracking app helping hundreds of organizations to track their time, manage payroll, bill their clients, log work hours across projects, oversee online timesheets, and operate a productive team.

Key feautures

  • Time Tracking: Daily, weekly, monthly timesheets
  • Employee Monitoring: Screenshots, Apps & url usage, activity monitoring
  • Payroll Management: Apploye calculates payroll for your employees based on working hours and hourly rate

Black Friday Deal:15% off on all Apploye plans for lifetime

Coupon Code: apploye-15

Offer Validity: Valid from November 28 - December 3

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Photosonic is an AI based content creation tool

Key Features

  • Great alternative for Shutterstock
  • Affordable prices and plans
  • Generates images for marketers for social and business use

Black Friday Deal:30% of on all plans

Coupon Code: BFCM30

Offer Validity: November 22 - December 10

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Narrato Workspace

Narrato Workspacecomes as a replacement to clunky docs, sheets, email, folders, optimization tools & one-size-fit-all project management software with a single powerful platform.

Key Features

  • SEO content brief generator
  • AI content assistant and powerful AI writer
  • Content calendars and Kanban boards

Black Friday Deal:Get flat 30% off Lifetime on any plan on Narrato Workspace

Coupon Code: BFCM22

Offer Validity: October 24 - December 5

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Nifty is an all-in-one project management tool known for its ease of use and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Real-time progress reporting with Milestones
  • Custom development workflows with if/then rules
  • Manage issues, bugs, and changes directly in one place

Black Friday Deal:30% off on all Nifty plans

Coupon Code: BFD30

Offer Validity: November 24 - November 29

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Dr.Web Security Space (anti-virus security for PC)

Brief description

Comprehensive and continuous anti-virus protection for your desktop or laptop running Windows, macOS or Linux as well as for your Android-powered smartphone or tablet. The user-friendly interface rests on top of an entire array of cutting-edge technologies for neutralising cyberthreats.

Key features

  • It will thwart any attempts to steal your payment information, prevent banking and ransomware trojans from being launched on your computer, sift out phishing emails and block access to bogus sites.
  • It will prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in your applications and monitor behaviour of each running application in real time.
  • It will protect your data from modification, deletion and theft, and prevent encryption ransomware from being started in your system,
  • It will stop attackers from tethering your computer to a botnet, prevent them from using your system's hardware for bitcoin mining, and by blocking access to your webcam and microphone, it won't allow intruders to spy on you.
  • It will ensure that your children enjoy danger-free Web surfing and are never exposed to objectionable content, and it will help your kids be more productive with their computer.
  • It will keep your Android device protected FREE OF CHARGE.

Cyber Monday promo discount

Doctor Web is doing a promo from November 28 through December 2. During this period, customers will be offered a discount of 50% off its comprehensive anti-virus security solution Dr.Web Security Space for 2PCs/2years. The customers will also get anti-virus security for 2 Android-powered devices for 2 years free of charge.

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NiceSender is a lucrative email campaign service

An email campaign is one of the best channels to stay in touch with customers. Use the NiceSender email campaign service, it has all the necessary tools for email marketing:

  • Free templates
  • Email builder
  • Email automation
  • Integrations with other services and CRM systems
  • Statistics and analytics

There are also many convenient options such as email adaptability, A/B testing, email preview on various devices and email services, a free plan for 200 subscribers.

Until December 01, 2022 we provide 5,000 emails as a gift when registering using the link.

We hope the list of the top productive tools offered by Kickidler will be of immense help and beneift to your company at the threshold of Black Friday.

Don’t find your company in our list, feel free to send your information to us.

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

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11/24/2022, 2605 views
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