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. Most Effective Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Remote Teams

Most Effective Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Remote Teams

In 2020, remote work is becoming the new future. Companies are looking to hire increasingly more remote employees than ever before. According to HubSpot, the number of remote employees has grown by 400% from 2010. When asked, no less than 99% of people interviewed for a study at Buffer stated that if given the chance to work remotely, even if part-time, they would. The same source tells us that 95% of individuals would encourage their close friends and family to work remotely. 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the ways in which we report to remote work. Today, working from our homes is no longer a thing of the future; in a way, the future that we once imagined is slowly becoming the present. This new trend has allowed millions of Americans *and not only* to keep their jobs during the pandemic. The economy is thriving on our ability to accommodate to new circumstances and ways of living. So, if you already have a remote team available, here’s how you can leverage it properly. 

1. Don’t hesitate to make your entire team remote

Successful companies will most often not operate from a physical office. They will usually have one centralized office as the basis and smaller, remote businesses all around the world. The reality is that your business does not necessarily need an office if it can operate completely online. In fact, having one less office means having one less worry to consider. You will save money, have the freedom to work anywhere in the world and use the commuting costs for something other than public or private transport. Should I even mention that having a remote team will save you time?

Besides thinking of what remote work offers you as an entrepreneur, think about what it might offer to your employees. In the end, you need productive employees to run your successful business. And goess what? The research is in your favor. Studies in this arena have shown that remote workers state that they are 22% happier than non-remote employees; the reasons most of them chose to go remotely are 91% for a better work-life balance, 79% for better productivity, and 78% for less stress. 

2. Increase your local team

If you do have a local team, make sure you increase it ASAP. That is because remote workers alongside local teams result in amazing outcomes. When they work together, they are able to come up with more efficient ideas for your company. Think about it – your local team knows the local market better than anyone, while your remote team is the best at implementing ideas that rock those markets. This will be highly valuable for your customers, whose confidence in your brand will increase. You will be using specialists *remote workers* to assist brainstormers *local teams* in increasing the productivity of your business. This is the best way in which you could use your local talents and remote geniuses working for the same cause!

3. Design projects for remote teams

When some of your projects cannot be completed locally, make them remote-accessible. You must have projects that you haven’t had time to complete and need to delegate – if that’s the case *and to be honest, when it is not? *, then ask your remote team to take over. Design the project in a way in which your remote team could complete it. Give clear instructions on what you want to see and when you want your project to be done. This way, you are still using your remote team, but in a different way – you are using it to complete a task that your local team has been unable to deliver. 

As an essay writer, I can admit that using external resources to complete additional assignments is the best way to go about overwhelming workloads. When a task doesn’t pertain to a specific team directly, it will take them more time and effort to complete it, which is why delegating is so important. Trust me, this will cut down on costs, since having your remote team do the work will be cheaper than hiring an entirely new local team for just one assignment.

4. Hire people from all around the world

The coolest thing about having a remote team is that you can hire from anywhere in the world. Opening your company up to new talents can only be done via an online platform unfortunately *at least nowadays*. You would never come into contact with some of your best remote workers have you hesitated to hire online.

How cool is the fact that you can literally discover little mind geniuses in countries you haven’t even thought about? The United States has a diverse job market but sometimes, this is not enough; sometimes, you just want to hear a new perspective from a person who can see things objectively from afar. For instance, when we are looking at the tech industry, most of the newly discovered talents (including here in the U.S.) are coming from countries other than the U.S. Hiring remotely then becomes more of a necessity than just a simple decision to explore diversity.

Don’t forget! If you are hiring remotely, you need to track your employees’ work and progress. This could be facilitated by Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software or other similar resources on the market. We recommend the latter software because of its user-friendly interface and easy processing tools available for customers.

5. Learn about creativity 

As an entrepreneur, you will be the first one to learn about creativity in the workplace. Hiring remote workers from all around the world will teach you many things, including tips and tricks on how to not do things by the book but still win! Rules are made to be broken, it just takes creativity and wittiness to ensure that you can do it. A new hire from Thailand, for example, might be exactly what you need in order to learn more about the level of Asian/Eastern upstanding technology. Machine learning and AI are just two of the tools at which other counties exceed expectations. New solutions might then pop up faster than you think – soon, your company’s profits will skyrocket. If it sounds too promising, don’t believe me, try it for yourself. 


Using remote teams can be extremely helpful for your business and its future, not to mention the money you’ll save on costs and time you’ll redirect toward other, better activities. However, you must learn how to leverage your team in order to keep it competitive, so I hope the above tips helped with this issue. Stay tuned!

Tobias Foster is a journalist and assignment help specialist with more than 5 years' work experience and big ambitions. Philosophy, marketing, and business are his passion, and he has a wealth of knowledge in that field. He is a master of his craft.

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