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Non-financial motivation of employees: the most effective methods

Most managers believe that the staff efficiency directly  depends on the wage rate and the staff`s motivation depends on the wage increase. However, the productivity of employees is due, first of all, to other factors that significantly outstrip the interest in financial profit.

Something is more important than money.

Naturally, wages can play a critical role, but this is more true for individual workers who, for reasons of circumstance or personal reasons, are forced to work solely for money. However, for the majority, the collective, workplace atmosphere  and performed duties are all the most important. In other words, an employee is ready to work with pleasure and diligence, if he is comfortable in the team and if he likes what he does at work. An important factor is also the satisfaction that he receives from his activities. 

The most effective ways of non-material motivation of employees.

Very often employees believe that the main goal and task of managers is to get profit from the work of the company. The passion for its work, involvement in the collective life, caring about the atmosphere in it are factors that not included in the field of management activities. It is not surprising that the money motivation loses force in such companies very quickly: employees begin to expect new bonuses, but productivity remains at the same level. 

  1. Correspondence of the employee's expectations with his functions at work. The employee must clearly understand the mission and objectives that face him, and know their official duties. At the same time, it is necessary to provide him with independence within the framework of his position, so that he feels comfortable and at ease.


  1. Value system construction. The manager should create work well-being and rely on the important criteria for all employees (mutual respect, support, career development, etc.). Person wants to do its best at a job where its value system is taken into account.


  1. Providing an individual approach to each employee. Despite the fact that the goal and expected results for the company or enterprise should be the same for the whole team, each of its representatives may have different wishes and needs for work. Thanks to the individual approach, a person will feel itself in demand, important for the common cause and appreciated.


  1. Improvement of working conditions. Depending on the company, its manager can change the working conditions in some way: for example, to add a small second break during working hours, to provide additional time off for completing a certain amount of work, etc.


  1. Moral motivation. Here we can talk about expression of gratitude and the presentation of appreciation certificate, and promotion in office. This is one of the most effective methods, because often an employee begins to work harder in a new position, even if his salary remains the same.

As practice shows, such methods lead to amazing results, which are almost impossible to achieve with the help of financial incentives.

02/22/2018, 6153 views
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