How to Effectively Monitoring Remote Employees

08/01/2022, 3224 views
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How to Effectively Monitoring Remote Employees

Up to 90% of office employees dream about working remotely. The ability to work in a nice place with a schedule that's convenient for you, devote more time to yourself and your family, save on transport and forget about endless traffic – all these things attract people and make them look for remote job vacancies.

Employers also benefit from having remote employees in their staff. Overhead costs, such as computers, communication and stationery, get reduced. Labor costs are also reduced, since most remote workers don’t take official sick leave, don’t ask for allowances and bonuses. As a rule, they get paid for the work done, often regardless of the time they’ve spent on the project.

Seems like everybody would benefit from it. However, the notorious human factor comes into play here. Often the employer has no idea whether his remote employee is actually working at any given moment. A person can swear that they’re working on a project, but actually they’d be sitting in a cafe or working on another task for another company. As a result, work is done past the deadline, and the company violates its obligations to their clients and partners.

Some employees can get particularly inventive. One of our clients had an interesting case, when five Indian employees were working in his technical support service and were paid for the hours they’d worked. After getting a number of complaints from his clients, our client investigated the situation and found out that in fact only one employee was present in the workplace instead of five people. They tricked the system with a simple scheme. Said employee connected to the computer of the second employee from his own computer using TeamViewer app, ran TeamViewer again and connected to the next computer.

Since the remote work monitoring software classified TeamViewer as “productive”, it indicated that all these staff members were working and carrying out their duties during the whole workday. However, in fact, only one specialist was present, and he simulated the work of the entire team.

How can you find out whether your remote employees are working?

It's quite easy to trick an employer who’s far away and doesn’t have direct tools, with which he can influence the work of his employees. In order to be protected from such situations and build a truly effective monitoring system for remote staff, you’ll need special tools that have been developed to address this very problem.

One of such tools is Kickidler – employee monitoring software that even employees themselves consider useful for optimizing business processes. Let’s take a look at Kickidler’s main features.

Kickidler’s tools for monitoring employees’ productivity

Attendance records

Time and Attendance function allows you to count how much time your employees have spent working, monitor the programs they’ve used and calculate how much money they need to be paid.

How does it work?

Kickidler in online mode keeps track of the time employees have spent doing their job. It also creates a list of all the programs and apps they’ve used. The program generates a convenient report for executives, where you can see the efficiency of each employee and accrue a salary depending on the hours they’ve spent working. This feature completely eliminates the situations when someone may try to take credit for the work that hasn’t been done yet or receive money for the time they’ve spent doing something else.

Productivity analysis

Kickidler software monitors all user actions on various sites and services. The system sorts all these actions into productive, unproductive and neutral. The program can show, for example, only those moments of the workday when an employee was working on a specific project or when he was using a certain program. At any time, the executive can view this data in a convenient chart and analyze the efficiency of each employee depending on the apps, programs, sites and services they’ve used.

Desktop video recording

At any time, executives can see what any of their remote employees are doing at the moment and adjust their actions if necessary. All videos of employees’ desktops are saved in the system. In addition to video recording of the screen, the program also records the history of keystrokes (keylogger). It allows you to study what exactly an employee’s been doing, the history of his interactions with a customer or with a certain program. This function is widely used when you need to figure out what error has been made, when an employee has entered the wrong command and everything stopped working or, for example, when he’s entered the wrong financial data in the report.

Control of violations

Kickidler functionality allows you to detect violations of the work schedule in real time. This can include actions such as running specific programs, visiting certain sites, file titles, etc. Each detected violation can be investigated immediately using video recording from the screen and keylogger. This feature allows you to respond quickly to possible threats and prevent attempts to steal valuable company information.

Remote access

To build an efficient system of interaction between management and remote employees, remote computer management is available. In one click, executive or administrator can connect to another computer, configure programs, fix errors, restore changed data or block an employee from working in case of misconduct.

Remote employee rating

To make the most transparent decisions among team members you can use the employee rating tool Kickidler provides. With the help of this tool you can easily track those employees that seem to have the same chances for promotion or to measure their productivity compared with KPIs. 

Kickidler is truly an indispensable tool for monitoring the work of remote employees.

Unlike vulnerable systems where executives trust created reports, Kickidler allows you to carry out a full efficiency analysis of remote employees, optimize interactions in the team and compare report data with a real picture on the screen. Watch the full video overview of the program’s features:

Kickidler Remote Employee Monitoring Software

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08/01/2022, 3224 views
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