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How to cheat employee monitoring software? Client case No. 12 from India

We have to admit – it's quite hard to surprise us with stories about the employees conning their employers. But the guys from India who used to work in our client's company outdid everybody with their “brilliant scheme”. Let's call it “Indian recursion”.

One of our clients had guys from India working in his customer service. They got paid for the hours they worked, which were recorded by our Kickidler employee tracking software. The client also monitored the reports on efficiency of employees – what apps they used and what websites they visited. According to the client, he didn't pay much attention to it, until the users started complaining about the amount of time they had to wait to get an answer from the customer service.

Our client had always been against micromanagement, but after another negative feedback he decided to watch the videos of his employees' activity.

It took him some time, but he finally understood what was happening. He managed to figure out his employees’ brilliant scheme of tricking the employee monitoring software. Turned out that during several weeks the employees who worked in customer service were cheating the system by creating extra working hours. Physically during the paid hours there was only one employee out of five present at the workplace.

Genius, indeed, lies in simplicity. One employee of the customer service would connect from his working computer through TeamViewer to the computer of the second employee. Then he would run TeamViewer on the second computer and connect to the personal computer of the third worker. And so on.

The TeamViewer software was classified by our client as “productive”, because it was used to interact with users. Thus, one employee imitated dynamic activity of five employees at once, and the program classified it as active time in the productive app on all five workstations. Other four employees could do whatever they wanted. That’s Indian cunning tricks for you ;)

Summing it all up, we want to point out that even though those employees came up with a clever scheme of tricking the time tracking software, they failed to consider one factor – our Kickidler program not only creates reports, but also records videos of desktops and shows the screens of employees online. And that means it's almost impossible to trick the system.

By the way, “Indian recursion” isn't going to be successful much longer, because we are already working on it.

If you also have interesting stories related to our program, you can send them to us via marketing@kickidler.com with “A client case” note.

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04/04/2019, 7280 views
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