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Kickidler update. Restricting access to employee and department statistics in the Web interface

Dear users! We are happy to share with you the latest subtle yet very important update of our employee monitoring software Kickidler. You now have the ability to adjust access levels for viewing statistics of departments or even individual employees not only in the Viewer, but in the Web interface of the Central server as well. Many of our customers have been asking for this for quite some time, and we’ve now managed to make these wishes come true.

As you may recall, with the previous update we enabled you to restrict access to certain data in the Viewer. 

From now on, the settings of our program will allow you to restrict access to statistics of selected departments or employees (Extended reports) in the Web interface of the Central server. 

Let’s say you don’t want the head of department A to be able to see extended reports on department B or on certain employees in the Web interface. With Administrator access, you can restrict Managers from viewing such statistics. 

Just a reminder that last year we enabled you to assign roles to users in the Web interface of the Central server (Administrator, Manager).

How does it work?

Everything is pretty easy! We’ve added a new “Account Assignment” tab to the “Employees” section of the Web interface of the Central server. There you can enable and disable managers’ access to viewing statistics of both departments and employees by ticking or crossing the checkboxes. 

Here’s what it looks like:


We hope that these added features will enable you to optimize business processes and achieve your objectives even faster with the help of our software!

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software.

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10/22/2021, 2160 views
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