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Kickidler’s July Update: Autokick’s new design, Chinese interface, etc.

July 2022

Autokick’s new design

We’ve updated the design of the Autokick feature, so automatic notifications and the self-monitoring interface are now even more modern and sleek.

What’s more, users (in this case, employees themselves) are now able to switch their interface and notification themes from light to dark and vice versa.

Here’s what it looks like now:

Dark theme of the self-control interface

Dark theme of notification

Light theme of notification

Light theme of the self-control interface

Kickidler's Autokick helps employees:

  • View statistics on their own productivity and the rating of their productivity among other team members.
  • Switch Grabber on and off.
  • Receive automatic notifications that remind them about carrying out any actions that might not contribute to effective task accomplishment, such as:
    • visiting prohibited websites or applications;
    • using such sites and apps longer than the authorized amount of time;
    • opening a specific web page or document;
    • showing signs of suspicious activity;
    • being inactive for extended time periods;
    • arriving to work late;
    • leaving work too early or too late.
  • Enable/disable monitoring of their PC altogether.

You can get a free consultation on Autokick's functionality throughout July 2022. Our specialists will discuss with you specific settings of this feature and show you how it can be maximized to increase your employees’ productivity. If you’re interested in getting the consultation, contact us via

Software localization for Chinese audience

We’ve noticed an increasing interest in our product from Chinese users and therefore made the decision to include complete translation of our software and its documentation into Chinese.

We sincerely hope it will contribute to our development in this region.

Other improvements

We’ve changed the visuals of checkboxes to toggle switches in the organization tree.

We’ve also fixed some minor bugs.

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software.

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07/12/2022, 387 views
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