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How Can I Monitor My Employees Computer?

How Can I Monitor My Employees Computer?

As the saying goes, time is money. So, as an entrepreneur, you want to know what your employees spend their time doing behind their work computers. Are they productive, or are they wasting office time on social media or shopping online?

When done right, the benefits of monitoring your workers' computer usage are many. It helps you to make sure that no one is slacking or using office resources for personal use. You also get to identify what takes up most of their time and work on how to simplify such processes. Furthermore, you are alerted if they visit sites that can harm your data or network. Generally, work computer monitoring helps increase accountability, productivity, and efficiency.

So how do you monitor employees' computer activities during office hours or while they are working remotely? In this post, we'll look at full-proof legal ways to monitor your workers' computer activities.

How to Monitor Your Employees' Computer Activity Using Monitoring Software

Monitoring workers while in an office space can be tasking, let alone when they're working remotely. Therefore, it has become vital for companies to install software that can give details on which staff is working or slacking.

The software is available to monitor your employees' activity while on the computer during office hours. This has been very helpful, especially in recent times where remote work has gone up by 44%. Such employee monitoring software can record any activity on a company computer to track productivity. An example of excellent software that can monitor employees' work computers is Kickidler.

The Kickidler staff productivity monitoring software shows you in detail how much time your employee put into their work duties. It then compares it to the amount of time they waste on personal matters or if they're freelancing on the side or being idle. You can track each employee using customized settings that depend on their work duties. To understand what tools to choose and how to monitor your employees' computers, you need to know the following facts about Kickidler employee tracking software:

  • Screen video activity recording and replay of employees' activity and actions on the work computer. You can apply filters to watch specific parts of the video.
  • Provides remote monitoring of employee work computers to manage the keyboard and mouse and view clipboard. Also, it enables the transfer of files between administrator and employee computers.
  • Keylogger integration function to record keystrokes of the things staff type in every program on their computer. It can include email and other web-based applications, social media, office software, etc.
  • Data Leak Protection or Data Loss Protection functions (DLP). Kickidler allows you to easily detect insider threats by collecting data when there is an employee computer usage violation. For example, it could be unauthorized access to confidential information. Thus you can track such activities that help you to curtail insider data theft risks.
  • Customize and track the beginning and end of each employee's workday and break time, including vacations and business trips. 
  • The Autokick set of tools designed to help improve staff self-management. Autokick is like an alarm that sends reminders and notifications to staff to work better. It comes with an automatic workplace violation notification. There is also a custom interface that enables employees to view the analytics on their productivity. It is handy for a business with 100% remote workers like the custom writing service, Online Writers Rating
  • Employee internet activity monitoring provides detailed reports on efficiency, time, application, dynamics, etc.

How to Monitor Your Employees' Computer Activity without Using Monitoring Software

Another way to monitor employees' computers is to do it physically. However, this might be more tasking and time-consuming. You can start by conducting daily check-ins to see what your workers are up to. Engage with them and show them that you care about their productivity and performance.

Ask them questions like what they achieved for today? Also, ask if they are getting closer to their goal and how you can provide support? With the answers, you get to track your employee's productivity and motivate them by providing support.

Bear in mind that sometimes the productivity results are what you should consider most. And not necessarily the number of hours they spent working. Most often, when you monitor employees strictly on the time they put in, the results you get may not match your expectations. So rather than hold them back after hours, define goal-oriented and highly-motivated tasks. It gives them an incentive to work better to complete the job efficiently.

Want more than just basic employee monitoring? Kickidler takes things to the next level with advanced features like productivity analysis, keylogging, and screen monitoring. Go beyond simple hours worked and deep dive into employee activity: websites visited, applications used, and even recorded screen sessions. We're talking pro-level employee management, not just clocking in and out.  
Multilingual? We've got you covered! English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, and Chinese interfaces make Kickidler accessible to a global workforce.  
And the best part? We're not just competitive, we're cheaper than many other time trackers.

How to Monitor My Employees Computers

Extra Tips on How to Monitor Employees Computer

When setting up your employee activity monitoring strategy, these best practice tips can also aid tracking success.

Be Forthright with Your Staff

Your employees certainly won't be pleased if they find out you are monitoring them without first telling them. It would help if you informed them that they are being monitored and the reason why. You can let them know that all work computer usage will be monitored by an app or physically via the staff handbook. It often serves as a deterrent to prohibited work computer usage activity. The only reason you may choose not to inform them is whereby someone on your team poses a significant threat to your data. Then active time tracking and covert employee monitoring will suffice.

Make Use of Web Filters

There are also web and email endpoint-security filters you can use to block malicious sites. These filters also help prevent employees from sending or receiving files that may be harmful to your company.

Go Through Tracking Reports Frequently

What is the use of getting monitoring software that generates computer usage reports if you won't look at them? So it would help if you made out time to study the information. It will point you to the potential problems so you can take timely actions.


Monitoring employees' computer activities become essential when you expect 100% productivity from them. It also helps you to detect any potential threats within or outside your team and network. You can track your employees' activity by using monitoring software or physically. And they are both legal ways to monitor your staff.

Ensure that the software you use has features that will help generate accurate reports you can use to track productivity. Also, make sure that you apply best practices, like informing your staff that their computer usage will be monitored. Lastly, remember to go through the reports frequently, so you can notice any threats or problems once they arise and fix them.

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