Does your remote tech team have everything to reach a successful project delivery?

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Does your remote tech team have everything to reach a successful project delivery?

As digital space is widening with every passing day, what was once a golden chance for some to work at home has now become a reality for millions of employees around the world. Yes, remote working has been a trend now.

Remote working is the evolution of a new digital era and a big reality for many businesses around the world. Workplaces have changed, work styles have changed, work processes have changed and whatnot.

Migrating to a new remote work setup is quite challenging and tricky for both the business world and working professionals.

Is your business ready to be a part of this new paradigm shift? Is your team equipped with tools to deliver the best despite this big change?

Remote work revolution has arrived and knocked our doors to reshape our businesses modern for the future.

Remote Working- A Brief Description

Remote work is a new way of working that has changed the digital landscape of the modern workplace.

Remote working is setting the new standards by which businesses operate, remote teams collaborate and employees work in their own personal spaces leaving behind the office space.

Modern technology enables remote teams to maintain business continuity without reducing productivity or performance.

The transformation of the traditional workplace into a virtual workspace comes up with a remote work plan that increases business expectations from remote employees and also boosts the value of business communication and collaboration. It empowers business tools and productivity.

Best Practices To Manage Remote Teams

Here are some key points that need to be considered by a remote tech team to reach a successful project delivery. It definitely leads your business to higher productivity, greater ROI, and increased goodwill.

Seamless Team communication

Different time zones may break communication when working remotely. Communicating virtually sitting far away from each other can be challenging sometimes but if managed efficiently. Ensure that the timezones of teams match with each other when working on a single project. Every single update of the project running irrespective of the stages handled by multiple teams should be shared by the teams.

It helps them to work seamlessly with each other and make the remote working more productive. Seamless communication is the foundation of a successful product development.

Make the best use of popular remote working tools like Slack, Skype, Teams, Zoom, and GoToMeeting and make your team communication smoother.

Clear Task Distribution and work plan

A clearly stated and defined project roadmap is necessary to start with the project tasks. Outline both short and long term goals and specify milestones and deadlines clearly. Allotment of the tasks to each and every team member to be done for the smooth workflow between teams. Make sure each team member understands clearly what the task has to be done along with the deadlines.

Assign roles to each team member. Make sure the team understands the project requirements, their responsibilities and what they have to deliver.

A clearly stated project plan with effective communication is the key to solve issues and fill the loopholes during the development process.

Project Management

Adopting a project management system enables managers to create assignments, track progress, review results and monitor the productivity of their departments. Remote teams can make use of software like trello, Asana and Jira during remote product development.

Remote teams must take care of various tasks such as project management, task management, configuration management of application code, document management, and team management.

Also, if you want to monitor how your remote teams are working, then a real-time staff employee monitoring software, Kickidler is right here for you. It facilitates you to check what your remote employees are doing at the current moment, what websites they are visiting, and what apps they are using. It helps you monitor your employees all the time and keep an eye on their routine activities.

Kickidler workplace monitoring software is equipped with an intuitive interface, named Quadrator for its multiple square cell appearances, which allows you to carry out multiple sessions of remote computer monitoring of an unlimited number of employees.

Usage of Remote and collaboration tools

Make sure your team is equipped with the right toolset, no matter whether your employees live in any part of the country. You should choose the best business communication tools, and make sure your team is always reachable and the meeting could be held seamlessly. Remote tech teams working in a virtual space can implement these remote tools like  Skype, Slack, Teams, Zoom, Webex or GoToMeeting.

One of the most popular collaboration tools is the Microsoft Teams used by big corporates. Remote teams can also use GitHub, Google docs, dropbox for document management.

Free communication tools like Skype, Google Hangout, and AnyMeeting are often used as an alternative means of communication among virtual teams.

Monitoring and tracking tools like Microsoft teams, Jira help teams in tracking the project. Centrallo, Trello, Pintask and even have work monitoring capabilities.

Establish transparency between team members

You need to make sure that you have build trust and established transparency between team members. For this you need to initiate by setting transparent business goals, tasks and agenda. The remote employees should know about your business, competitors, how decisions are taken and why a certain approach is chosen to solve a specific problem.

The better understanding of the business for them leads to greater ROI with increased productivity. A sense of responsibility and dedication of team members is necessary to achieve the business goals together.

Summing Up

Thanks to all the communication, remote and collaboration tools that help remote tech teams to eliminate all the bottlenecks and barriers that come across the remote product development process and provide a smooth remote work.

Remote work is all about building trust and smooth functioning of the remote teams on the project. It is the evolution of new virtual reality for businesses around the globe.

The enablement of remote work provides your business myriad of opportunities and benefits that help you reach successful project delivery.

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Kanika Gupta, a professional tech writer works as a content writer in Classic Informatics, a leading web development company. She loves to write master tech pieces and let readers connect with it fluently.

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11/30/2020, 2769 views
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