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Top Best Free Employee Monitoring Software for 2022

In this user activity tracking software review, you will know which of the software production companies provide their clients with freeware soft, and how functional freemium product versions are.

It’s worth mentioning that any kind of employee monitoring software, like any other B2B-produc, is designed for commercial purposes. That is, eventually you will have to pay for using it. That’s no surprise. Software of this kind doesn’t have as much power compared to Google and YouTube to bear the cost of development and staff salary relying on a great number of users.

Nevertheless, some developers provide the users with free software versions (Freemium) with limited functionality, which may be enough for basic real time employee monitoring.

That being said, we have made a list of top-7 best free employee productivity monitoring and timekeeping systems by 2022.
Some attentive readers may wonder why the Kickidler, our software, is on top of the rating list. The answer is easy: we consider only fair features like the permissible controlled employees’ quantity and the list of available functions the freemium version provides. Considering all the above-mentioned features, our software provides the user with maximum functionality. Read the review attentively and check it yourself.

Why trust our rating list?

  • We develop user activity monitoring software on a professional level and like no other company, we look into its features and specifications. Unlike any other portal, mechanically producing ratings for more traffic attraction.
  • We’ve put the majority of rated software to the test, hence, we have the common idea about it. 
  • We do not try to underestimate our competitors’ software, and do not persuade anyone choose ours. Depending on the business peculiarities, different software from our list will satisfy different needs. Anyway, we will be glad to help you make the right choice. 

Introducing you a top 7 2022 of freemium employee productivity monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software functionality comparison chart.

Product Kickidler ActivTrak Hubstaff DeskTime Pro Toggl Scr. monitor Tmetric
Number of PC 6 3 1 1 5 3 5
Working hours reports
Applications reports
Employee activity screenshots
Mobile application
Website blocking

1) Kickidler

Kickidler, and why it’s on the first place.

Kickidler is a new generation employee monitoring software. Its main purpose is automatic organization employees activity control. The software is a powerful set of features for PC monitoring and detecting non productive activities. 

Kickidler employee monitoring software has two versions:

  • Kickidler Time Tracking
  • Kickidler Employee Monitoring

Time Tracking version is aimed at more gentle employee monitoring. It includes tools designed to help with time tracking and productivity monitoring, as well as Autokick — additional functionality with tools for remote employees’ self-monitoring.

Employee Monitoring version includes all the tools of Time Tracking version and additionally has tools for visual monitoring: online employee screen monitoring; screen video recording; keylogger; violation detection; remote PC access.

Our employee monitoring software Kickidler provides the users with more free features with the ability to control the largest number of users. Also, it’s possible to use a 14-days free trial of a fully functional version of our software for monitoring an unlimited number of PCs.

Freemium available functions:

  • Monitoring employees’ screens online (real time screen viewing, multiuser mode available).
  • Employees’ working hours report: working time tracking, employee productivity analysis, efficiency dynamics, employee productivity rating, frequently used applications rating, daily report. (since March 2020, those features are not available in the free version),
  • Keylogger (keystroke recorder).

Number of tracked PCc

A free Kickidler version allows you to monitor up to 6 PCs.

Which functions are available only in paid version?

A paid version includes the following functionality: user activity record and playback, infraction control (non productive activities detection and viewing), remote employee PC control.

Sample video:

2) ActivTrak

ActivTrak software and why it’s on the second place.

ActivTrak is an application developed for user activity monitoring, employee productivity analysis, user behavior analytics and insider threat detection. This is an easy to use and install cloud monitoring software, also available in a local version. 

ActivTrak offers the users a free version of the software for monitoring up to 3 PCs with a limited functionality and up to 3Gb of cloud storage space.

Number of monitored PCs:

A free version of the software allows monitoring up to 3 employee PCs.

Freemeium version features:

  • Monitoring employees’ screens online (real time screen viewing, no multiuser mode available).
  • Employees’ working hours report.
  • Website blocking
  • Keylogger
  • Employee activity screenshots (no more than 1 screenshot per every activity)

Paid version software functionality:

A paid version software does not support any additional features, but provides the user with unlimited cloud space for activity log storage, and the ability to monitor an unlimited number of employees.

Sample video:

3) Hubstaff

Hubstaff software and why it’s on the third place.

Hubstaff is an online time tracking software with screen capture, task monitoring, automatic salary payment and advanced report functions. Hubstaff may integrate with more than 30 popular tools. This software differs from the previous two and suits more for remote control, small companies and freelancers. 
A free Hubstaff version allows monitoring one employee PC and is limited in functionality. Previously freemium Hubstaff allowed monitoring up to three employees, but the developers decided to reduce the number.

Controlled PCs number:

A free software version allows monitoring one employee PC.

Freemium functionality:

  • Working hours reports.
  • User activity monitoring based on mouse and keypad use.
  • Employee screenshots (limited cloud storage space).
Paid version software functionality:


As said above, Hubstaff is developed for remote employee monitoring. It includes unique tools for freelancer salary payment. Besides, it’s able to track employees via GPS signal.

Sample video:

4) DeskTime Pro

About DeskTime Pro

DeskTime is an online service with mobile and desktop applications for working time tracking, advancer reports generation, different effectiveness rate analysis and project progress tracking. Like Hubstaff, the program is developed for controlling virtual teams.
A free DeskTime version has a limited functionality and allows monitoring one employee. 

Controlled PCs number:

A free software version allows monitoring one employee PC.

Freemium functionality:

  • Working hours reports (time tracker).
  • Running applications reports.
  • Mobile application.

Paid version software functionality:

DeskTime Pro staff monitoring software provides powerful tools for remote teams managing control with a fine set of adjustments for a specific user. The most notable features are salary calculation, project tracking and a built-in Pomodoro-tracker.

Sample video:

5) Toggl

About Toggl

Toggl cloud software is a different category application. It’s a more democratic software, developed for time tracking and self-control, rather than employees control. The software runs on both desktops and mobile devices. Toggle generates working hours reports and charts, with the ability to export in Excel. In addition, as opposed to the above-mentioned software, Toggl allows a 30-days free trial version with a full functionality.

Controlled PCs number:

A freemium version allows monitoring 5 employee PCs.

Freemium functionality:

  • Working hours reports.
  • Built-in Pomodoro-tracker.
  • Work schedules compilation.

Paid version software functionality:

A paid version of Toggl consists of two sets: Standard and Premium. It sets no limits on the number of user quantity, includes improved project management, schedule compilation and team management tools.

Sample video:

6) Screenshot monitor

About Screenshot monitor

The main purpose of Screenshot monitor software is, as referred in its name, making employees PC screenshots and sending them to the management. The quantity of screenshots taken per hour depends on the chosen charge rate. A free version of the program provides three screenshots per hour. Apart from taking screenshots, a freemium version includes working time tracking. Screenshot monitor is a very democratic software, if compared to the previous ones. For example, the employee may remove screenshots with personal information.

Controlled PCs number:

A free program version allows monitoring up to three employee PCs.

Freemium functionality:

  • Working hours reports
  • Taking employees PC screenshots (3 per hour).
  • Screenshots storing time – 14 days.

Paid version software functionality:

A paid version of the program allows user activity monitoring, applications and url control. A Pro-version of the program takes up to 30 screenshots per hour and allows storing for a year.

7) Tmetric

About Tmetric

Tmetric is a time tracking service. The best choice for freelancers and small companies looking for an easy way to manage time and tasks working with remote clients. Using Tmetric you may: set you projects budget; set prices on tasks, clients, projects or team members; create tags and use them with any task; see your working day on a time scale; receive detailed time and finance reports.

Controlled PCs number: 

A freemium version allows monitoring five employee PCs.

Freemium functionality:

  • Working hours reports
  • Unlimited projects and clients
  • Integration with all the popular business web-applications.

Paid version software functionality:

All the tools for project budgeting and billing are paid. Applications reports are also available only in a paid version. Besides, a free version does not allow JIRA and Redmine integration.

Sample video:


Thank you for your attention! We hope our review will help you make the right choice.

01/07/2022, 20949 views
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