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8 Best DLP Software - Data Loss Prevention Solutions For 2022

Nowadays, there are numerous data loss prevention (DLP) tools available on the market, and it’s rather easy to get confused by the abundance of different options. In this post we’ve decided to take a look at eight DLP solutions, highlight their most significant features and help you choose the most suitable one for your company.

In the age we live in, technology has made it much easier to analyze and gather data not only on your customers, but on your personnel as well. Hence, ensuring data security has become even more crucial part of business processes. No matter whether your company is small and family-owned or it’s a big corporation with hundreds of employees, you need to formulate a risk mitigation plan and have a data loss prevention policy in place. 

Data collection helps companies supervise their employees and make better-informed decisions. And protection of such data from cyberthreats is a direct responsibility of every executive. That’s where cybersecurity comes into play. If you want to go the extra mile and add an additional layer of protection, DLP is the perfect solution for you.

DLP software - what it is and how it works

If you have direct dealings with customers or if you simply monitor your employees’ activity at their computers during working hours, chances are you’re responsible for handling sensitive personal data. Therefore, in order to comply with regulations, especially in Europe and the United States, Data Loss Prevention tools come in handy. Such tools monitor multiple aspects of digital communication, such as emails, network sharing, cloud data, USB storage, Internet sharing, instant messaging, etc.

To put it simply, DLP software enables supervisors to detect and prevent any potential data leaks. DLP analyzes your company data, helps you identify sensitive information and take appropriate actions to ensure its protection.

There are a great many DLP solutions to choose from, and some of these services can even be customized to meet specific business needs. If you feel a bit lost and need assistance with picking the right DLP software for your company, look no further, we’ve got you covered! 

1) Kickidler

Kickidler is a comprehensible solution for businesses of any size that doesn’t just enable employee monitoring, but also ensures encompassing data security. The software analyzes employee performance at their PCs, which helps supervisors reduce human errors and protect the company from insider threats.

Helpful features Kickidler

  • Powerful reporting and analyzing tools that help monitor employee digital behavior at work.
  • Tracking employees’ working hours (including the time they start their workday and finish it as well as the amount and duration of all the breaks they take).
  • Visual overview of internal processes and important statistics in form of convenient graphics and charts.
  • Export of reports.
  • Detecting work schedule violations and other suspicious activity and sending automatic notifications to both supervisors and employees themselves.

Pros and cons Kickidler

Pros: Incredibly cost-effective. Designed with routines that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data privacy standards. 

Cons: No mobile version. Cloud version is not available for now.

User experience Kickidler

“We’ve been using Kickidler software for several years now, and it’s become one of the most indispensable solutions for our company. It goes beyond basic alerting and actually provides real-time analysis of employee activity at their computers, so with its help it’s become even easier for us to monitor our remote employees and continuously track any potential policy violations. Thanks to Kickidler, we’ve also noticed how overall employee performance has improved, since all members of the team know that they’re being monitored and can actually see their performance statistics themselves. Overall, implementing Kickidler was a smart move on our part that has had a positive effect on the company’s profitability.” 

Reasons why Kickidler is ranked first

Our decision to rank Kickidler first came natural. Not only does the software enable comprehensive supervision of employee productivity and user behavior, but it also helps with simplifying company cybersecurity protocols and preventing any possible insider threats. All the features offered by the solution make it pretty much impossible for employees to cheat the monitoring software and fake productivity or, worse, try to commit fraud.

2) Endpoint Protector DLP

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys offers a range of system protection and monitoring services designed to identify policy violations and protect both customer and employee information. Since the software is based in the cloud, it can be useful in monitoring remote employees as well. And seeing how the service includes an endpoint agent module, the monitoring continues even when the device is offline.

Helpful features Endpoint Protector

  • Content-aware protection (real-time contextual scanning of data for removable media devices, screen captures, Outlook content, Skype conversations, and Dropbox files). 
  • USB and peripheral management (recording file movements onto memory sticks, blocking device attachments, limiting the files that can be transferred).

Pros and cons Endpoint Protector

Pros: Available as both a cloud service and a virtual appliance. Has low resource usage (using very little memory, reducing end-user impact).  

Cons: No free version (though there’s a demo version). Vague pricing policies.

User experience Endpoint Protector

“Endpoint Protector is a successful and stable product that helps manage businesses successfully. While it can be improved to offer better navigation and reporting and become more user-friendly, since we mostly use it to restrict unauthorized external USB storage device access, we are satisfied with the product, because it gets the job done.”

Reasons why Endpoint Protector is ranked second

Endpoint Protector is an overall well-rounded solution. The software is great at discovering, monitoring and protective any sensitive data. We especially like the Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention feature that conducts content inspections and contextual scanning of data for removable devices and apps. With some tweaking and fine-tuning it very well may become a contender for the top spot on our list.

3) Safetica DLP

Safetica protects companies against data loss or possible insider threats. The software helps supervise employees’ personal devices, which means that transferring data from these devices in a secure corporate environment is impossible. Employees cannot share sensitive company information with competitors – either deliberately or because of simple human errors.

Helpful features Safetica DLP

  • Content analysis through specific keywords.
  • Security audit.
  • Cloud data protection.
  • A set of informative modes and employee alerts that provide full control of company environment and raise awareness on user side.

Pros and cons Safetica DLP

Pros: User-friendly interface. Versatility of reports that help with simplifying data analysis. Nice customer support. 

Cons: Interface can be improved, since it may be challenging at first to use the console with its many modules. A bit pricey. Only provides online support.

User experience Safetica DLP

“Safetica is a quite intuitive, easy-to-use DLP solution that has helped us prevent sensitive data from leaving the company many times. Since we’ve implemented this software, we’ve also noticed more visibility on our data transfers.”

Reasons why Safetica is ranked third

With its flexible DLP modes, Safetica is a cost-effective solution that both protects sensitive data and analyzes user behavior. While the software is better suited for small to medium-sized businesses, it does help with identifying possible problems in internal processes and implementing appropriate solutions.

4) McAfee Total Protection for DLP

McAfee’s DLP suite provides data protection in the cloud, on the network, and at the endpoints. Its flexible deployment options help supervisors manage common policies and streamline incident workflows.

Helpful features McAfee Total Protection for DLP

  • Strong data classification feature that helps identify and classify data.
  • Encryption, redirection, quarantine, or blocking of data transmissions that violate company policies.
  • Flexible end-user classification.
  • Centralized console for policy and incident management.

Pros and cons McAfee Total Protection for DLP

Pros: Real-time data tracking. Nice detection capabilities. Easy and streamlined policy setup.

Cons: Can be a bit complex and too intuitive for some users. Pop-blockers can be annoying.

User experience McAfee Total Protection for DLP

“I’ve had McAfee Total Protection for many years now, and I’ve never actually had any serious issues with it. Its real-time employee monitoring protects all the company data pretty well. The software provides all kinds of security, whether you are downloading a file, browsing the web or using any kind of app. Overall, it does strengthen our company cybersecurity, but it would be nice if it were a bit more cost-effective.” 

Reasons why McAfee Total Protection is ranked fourth

McAfee DLP suite is an extensive data loss prevention solution that can protect any company data on the network, in the cloud, and at the endpoints. It gives supervisors visibility over how the data is being used inside the company and how it may potentially get leaked. At the same time, the software with all its features and reports may be a bit overwhelming for quite a number of users.

5) Code42 Incydr

Code42 offers a cloud-native data security solution that helps detect, investigate, and respond to data exfiltration. There’s no complex policy management or lengthy deployment. The software provides data protection across both endpoints and the cloud, with a strong focus on forensic investigation capabilities.

Helpful features Code42 Incydr

  • Continuous monitoring that tracks data creation and movement (both across local systems and from on-premises into the cloud).
  • Strong threat hunting capability, with extensive file details and up to 90 days of user history.
  • Ability to identify deleted files and recover the data that’s been lost or stolen.

Pros and cons Code42 Incydr

Pros: Pinpoints questionable and risky activity. Fast and fluid interface. Easy setup process. Nice tech support.

Cons: Only English version. Initial backup takes quite a bit of time.

User experience Code42 Incydr

“Code42 helps protect all our company data by providing an easy-to-use solution that’s really simple to implement. We use it for backing up data. It’s been quite helpful with not just restoring the customer’s data to their laptop, but restoring a document to the company’s own laptop and forwarding it to the customer who was unable to access their laptop. It’s hard now to imagine the security of our office without this software.”

Reasons why Code42 is ranked fifth

Code42 is a versatile solution that detects, investigates and responds to various cybersecurity threats that your business may encounter. It’s quite simple in use, and the issues in functionality aren’t that substantial.

6) Check Point DLP

Check Point DLP combines various cybersecurity processes to help companies protect sensitive data from being leaked or sent to the wrong person due to human error. Its aim is to educate users on data handling processes and the risks of potential data loss as well as to help them remediate incidents as quickly as possible.

Helpful features Check Point DLP

  • Default policy settings that cover various regulations and fit different enterprises.
  • Automated alerts to users that help ensure proper data handling and prevent possible data loss.
  • Data analysis covers multiple languages.
  • Reporting and logging features that ensure visibility and compliance.

Pros and cons Check Point DLP

Pros: Initial activation is straightforward. Centralized management console and uncomplicated software as a whole.

Cons: Could be a bit simplistic for some users. Not a full DLP solution, covers only the network layer. No pricing information is available online (however, there’s a free online demo to test out the features).

User experience Check Point DLP

“Check Point DLP fits our needs quite well. We analyze mostly txt and pdf files to prevent sensitive customer data from leaking. The solution is rather unique in terms of its approach. It actually attempts to not only protect the company, but educate the users as well. And user awareness is the first thing we advise you to keep in mind before implementing any DLP software.”

Reasons why Check Point is ranked sixth

Check Point DLP’s functionality includes data movement tracking and pre-emptive data loss prevention. While it’s quite easy to deploy and manage, seeing how supervisors can centrally manage their IT infrastructure from a single console, it isn’t exactly the most all-encompassing DLP solution. 

7) MyDLP

MyDLP by Comodo is a free-to-use solution that protects office apps from internal or external data loss, detects private data, and alerts about possible leakage. It offers centralized management where you can block or quarantine confidential data and monitors removable storage device usage within company premises.

Helpful featuresMyDLP

  • Collection and display of all activity logs in a single dashboard.
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange.
  • Blacklisting emails that contain BCC addresses outside the company.
  • Cloud-native.

Pros and consMyDLP

Pros: Has a Google-like search engine that makes searching for information more convenient. Easy to use. Also has a pay-per-use pricing tier that unlocks more substantial features.

Cons: Limited documentation available. Scarce support. 

User experience MyDLP

“If you’re new to the whole concept of Data Loss Prevention, MyDLP is a pretty good place to start. Overall, the solution is very intuitive and user-friendly. It has a few shortcomings regarding in-depth suspicious behavior analysis, but it’s probably understandable, seeing how it’s not a proper cyber forensics tool.”

Reasons why MyDLP is ranked seventh

MyDLP is quite user-friendly solution that’s easy to get a hang of. Plus, it’s free, which is also a nice bonus. However, that may come at the cost of more in-depth supervision. The software is a nice choice if you’re just starting to get accustomed to DLP tools, but enhancing its capacities by adding a few extra features would be nice to get a comprehensive DLP tool.

8) Teramind DLP

Teramind helps monitor employees’ digital behavior by providing a user-centric approach to cybersecurity. The software enables executives to identify suspicious employee activity, monitor the efficiency of everybody on their team, detect possible threats, and improve productivity. Alerts, warnings, redirects and user lockouts provide real-time access to user activities and help keep businesses running securely.

Helpful features Teramind DLP

  • Tracking computer activity history.
  • Customizable access to specific resources based on user, folder, or group.
  • On-premise or cloud deployment.
  • Advanced optical character recognition and natural language processing capabilities.

Pros and cons Teramind DLP

Pros: Multifaceted display of employees’ overall productivity. In-depth reporting that helps understand employees' work habits better.

Cons: Video export takes too long. The platform is severely limited on macOS.

User experience Teramind DLP

“Our team is mainly comprised of remote employees who work in different time zones. Using Teramind has helped us track their activity during working hours, make sure they are sticking to job-related tasks and give them feedback on their job performance.”

Reasons why Teramind is ranked eighth

The fact that Teramind is ranked last doesn’t necessarily mean that no one should even contemplate implementing it to help with their internal business processes. In fact, the software is quite universal and has a number of advanced monitoring features. We want to remind you that it’s simply a matter of opinion.

Comparison table of the ranked DLP solutions

Name / website Languages supported Deployment options System requirements Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid Price (cost for one PC per month) Trial period
Kickidler Armenian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish On-premises solution Windows
+ Cost-effective comprehensive solution with a variety of performance reports
+ Real-time monitoring of any violations
+ Clear pricing policies and discount system
+ Responsive tech support team
- No cloud service at the moment (in development) 1 month – $9.99
3 months – $8.33 ($25)
6 months – $6.67 ($40)
1 year – $5.5 ($66)
3 years – $3.67 ($132)

* Discount of up to 30% is available depending on the number of computers to be monitored
14-day free trial option.
Endpoint Protector Chinese,
Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
On-premises solution;
Cloud service
+ Secures USB storage devices
+ Low recourse usage
+ Great deployment flexibility
- Not the easiest one to get accustomed to. Not the most user-friendly option
- Vague pricing policies
No publicly accessible pricing options are available, so you’ll need to contact sales for a quote.
* Demo version is available on request.
Safetica Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese On-premises solution;
Cloud service
+ Flexible DLP modes and real-time notifications
+ Easy to use
+ Provides workflow for classified data
- May not be suitable for large enterprises
- Vague pricing policies
No publicly accessible pricing options are available, so you’ll need to contact sales for a quote.
* Demo version is available on request.
McAfee Total Protection for DLP Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish On-premises solution Windows
+ Intelligent system with strong data classification system
+ Provides centralized Incident Management and Reporting
+ Forensic analysis
- Complex settings
- DLP offering is not fully integrated into McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator
- Vague pricing policies
No publicly accessible pricing options are available, so you’ll need to contact sales for a quote.
* Demo version is available on request.
Code42 Incydr English Cloud service SaaS
* App version can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux
+ Spots risky insider activity
+ No complicated policy management
+ Offers two pricing plans (Basic, Advanced)
- Licensing packages start at 500 users, meaning it may not suit smaller businesses
- Vague pricing policies
No publicly accessible pricing options are available, so you’ll need to contact sales for a quote.
* Demo version is available on request.
Check Point DLP Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Cloud service SaaS + Has two options for securing data (Content Awareness and a more full-featured DLP)
+ Customizable, multi-language user notifications
- No Incident management option
- Vague pricing policies
No publicly accessible pricing options are available, so you’ll need to contact sales for a quote.
* Demo version is available on request.
MyDLP English On-premises solution Windows
+ Free DLP solution
+ Simple to use
- Can be a bit overly simplistic for some companies’ needs
- Limited functionality, no such options as Incident management, Policy management,
Sensitive data identification,
Web threat management
Free. * There’s also MyDLP Enterprise Edition that offers a single subscription model. Subscription terms vary, and the final price is determined by the sales team according to the number of users who will be protected with the software. Open source software
Teramind Chinese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish On-premises solution;
Cloud service
* Mac version has limited functionalities
+ Highly scalable
+ Focused on user activity profiling to spot changes in behavior
- No online time tracking option
- No time per project reporting
- Vague pricing policies
No publicly accessible pricing options are available, so you’ll need to contact sales for a quote.
* Demo version is available on request.


Choosing the DLP software for you

At the end of the day, it’s not enough to simply choose the DLP software, it’s also crucial to have an encompassing DLP system in place, so that all the company data is secure and invulnerable to threats.

Most corporate environments will find Kickidler immensely helpful, seeing how it provides the protection and tools companies need to secure data, change access rights and monitor real-time data access without disturbing employee work processes or impeding their productivity. 

For organizations more focused on preventing or minimizing the amount of human errors, Check Point aims to educate users on proper and secure ways to handle company data and helps them remediate incidents in real time.

Lastly, if you’re looking toward an option that can both control access to your data and provide quick file recovery, Code42’s long-term file retention helps restore missing or deleted files in a few clicks.

And finally, this brings us to the last component – analysis. Let’s assume you’ve chosen the software according to your needs and preferences and now you have all these reports, red flags and alerts? What should you do with all the features? We recommend that you take some time to analyze all the data your DLP solution gathers and formulate appropriate action plans given the necessary digital forensic context. Having all the DLP-delivered data and implementing correct policy and systems will help you reduce or even completely eliminate data loss incidents across your business.

Good luck!

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02/21/2022, 1504 views
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