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Lazy Girl Jobs, and the Secret to Work-Life Balance

Lazy Girl Jobs, and the Secret to Work-Life Balance

In this article, you’ll find out more about the concept of lazy girl jobs, including the background of this trend, the most popular examples of such jobs, and advice on how to improve the work environment in your company.

Over the recent years, the workplace has been experiencing a number of transformative trends that are reshaping how both employers and employees perceive and engage with work. Gone are the days of romanticizing the constant hustle and grinding mindset. There’s been a major shift in last few years, with more and more individuals seeking a slower lifestyle. 

This is where the concept of “lazy girl jobs” comes into play. And while adding the adjective “lazy” to describe jobs may seem contradictory and be a cause for raised eyebrows at first, in reality this trend simply refers to jobs where people have a lot of flexibility, work remotely, have a good work-life balance and are well-compensated for their efforts.

Background of the Lazy Girl Jobs Trend

The phrase “lazy girl jobs” was coined in early 2023 by TikTok influencer Gabrielle Judge to challenge hustle culture and promote work-life balance. 

As described by numerous TikTokers, a “lazy girl job” is a job that involves little physical activity or personal interaction and provides flexible working hours. Lazy girl jobs tend to take place in a relaxed work environment with no strict deadlines and no dress code. Many TikTokers say that the bulk of their work in this case scenario constitutes of “punching numbers” or “replying to emails” – which, one has to admit, is a drastic change from high-intensity corporate positions. 

But there’s always two sides to every story, right?

While the name may seem to imply laziness, the concept is not about slacking off at work at all. Rather, it is about finding jobs that provide healthy work-life balance, decent pay, remote work options, and low stress levels compared to more demanding jobs.

What Are Lazy Girl Jobs?

The “lazy girl jobs” concept underscores a transformation in work culture. Employees are putting greater emphasis on their mental health rather than simply following conventional career paths. In response, businesses are exploring options to keep their teams engaged and efficient in this shifting paradigm.

People – and this trend isn’t suited for just females – are seeking opportunities that align with their desire for flexibility, autonomy and meaningful free time on themselves. Lazy girl jobs prioritize leveraging technology, creativity and innovation to achieve results, rather than adhering to rigid schedules and lifeless workdays. 

The Lazy Girl Jobs trend puts mental health at the forefront of the hierarchy of people’s needs for their jobs, promoting the idea of work that guarantees a calm and safe environment with adequate remuneration.

Examples of Best Lazy Girl Jobs

Today, people want jobs that allow them more control over their schedules. Additionally, people also want jobs that pay well and offer various kinds of benefits.

Here is a list we’ve compiled of top 10 lazy girl jobs that pay well:

  1. Proofreader. Proofreading involves reading unpublished pieces of written work to review them for any grammar or spelling errors. The job offers a work-from-home option and flexible working hours, while not requiring any special hard skills. All it requires is a good comprehension of a language, a PC, and a stable internet connection.
  2. Data Entry Clerk. Working in data entry is perfect for those individuals with a keen attention to detail. Data entry involves inputting, verifying and organizing various types of information into digital databases or spreadsheets to maintain accurate records and provide efficient data management. It also allows flexible working hours and the option of remote setting. And although this job may seem repetitive, it requires little effort and energy.
  3. Public Relations Coordinator. Public relations specialists coordinate media interactions of a brand or an individual to enhance their reputation. This job provides an ability to bridge the gap between businesses (or public personas) and the public, fostering positive relationships and strategic messaging.
  4. Transcriptionist. This job involves providing written text of audio or video recording. Those who choose this job get the option to work from home or pretty much anywhere they want and get paid for their efficient typing skills. Transcriptionists also have a keen ear for detail in order to ensure provision of accurate transcripts for recordings. 
  5. Blogger. To become a blogger, individuals can write about topics they are familiar with, such as studying, parenthood, fashion, lifestyle, travel, photography, and so on. Blog posts can be written from anywhere in the world, and additional money can be earned through advertising, affiliate marketing, and product sales. 
  6. Freelance Writer. Freelance writing offers individuals the ability to produce compelling and informative content for various platforms, from blogs and websites to established printed magazines. This job offers the option to work remotely without any additional stress of office environment on individual’s own hours. Freelance writers get paid based on the projects they partake in, which enables control of the work schedule.
  7. Social Media Manager. There are numerous social media platforms today, and both businesses and individuals require help with managing them. Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or whatever else, social media managers curate and manage online content for brands, interact with followers and analyze engagement.
  8. Graphic Designer. Graphic design is about conceptualizing and producing graphics, logos, marketing materials, and visual content. Graphic designers can choose to work as freelancers or for companies. This job allows individuals to choose whether to work remotely or in an office with flexible working hours. 
  9. Translator. Those who are proficient in more than one language can use their language skills and try their hand at the field of translating. This job facilitates cross-lingual or even cross-cultural communication through effective translations of written or spoken content from one language to another. Translators are needed across different industries, from businesses of any size to full-on government agencies. 
  10. Online Tutor. Individuals who are part of the academia can capitalize their skills and relish in online tutoring jobs. Online tutoring provides an option to share one’s expertise in subjects or skills with students through virtual lessons as well as provide personalized educational support.

How to Ensure Your Work Environment Is Healthy?

Despite the word “lazy” in its name, the trend we’re discussing doesn’t indicate the overall lack of ambition. It’s simply about setting healthy boundaries. It seems it would be wise now more than ever for employers to pay attention to what their employees are trying to communicate. It’s even more proof that managing employees is not what it used to be, and management should be as flexible and adaptable as possible, perceiving this trend as an opportunity to improve their workplaces.

Here are some tips for senior management to adhere to in order to ensure their workplace environment is healthy.

1.Stop placing so much focus on the time clock.

A company culture that focuses on hours rather than productivity judges merely a certain amount of time spent in an office rather than the actual output. 

There are example of companies where management demands their employees to be in the office every day from 9am to 5pm, with no exceptions, thus, people are expected to sit at their desks until the very end of the workday – even if they had gotten all their work done for the day. Of course, when placed into such strict frames, no wonder employees start to procrastinate and slack off at their desks. And is it really the best use of their time?  

Employers must trust their employees with a bit more autonomy over their workdays and empower them by offering the tools and resources to do their jobs well, without micromanaging or watching the clock.

2.Pay more attention to mental wellness at work and proper employee work-life balance.

A not so obvious positive outcome of the pandemic came in the form of us finally beginning to talk about mental health in the workplace, and the conversation shouldn’t stop. Still, the number of people who turn to seeking mental health care in the U.S. continues to grow. Anxiety and depression seem to be seeping into everybody’s lives.

Think about what you as an employer can do to help foster a healthy lifestyle for your employees. It can be done through creating a meditation room, offering corporate fitness classes or making sure your company’s benefits plan has robust mental health support. Have conversations with your team to see what they want in this regard and take time to find out how they could benefit from a more inclusive corporate workplace.

3.Care about your employees as humans.

A culture of collaboration truly is created through open conversations. Having an established dialog with your employees helps to understand not only their motivations in the workplace, but their personal lives as well. Essentially, it should be an ongoing partnership where employees feel that they are being heard, which in turn will lead to them being more engaged in their work.

4.Focus on employee productivity and overall results.

To improve productivity of your team, you need to understand what’s going on in it and address those specific challenges. And while the problem generally tends to have more than one source and some of its factor are outside of your control, there definitely is a number of things you as an employer can do to help your employees be more productive.

For example, you can focus on improving certain workflows and processes, creating a more holistic company culture, paying more attention to employee wellbeing or making the work environment healthier as a whole.

Using Kickidler to Measure Your Team Efficiency

When it comes to measuring productivity of the employees and figuring out just how beneficial they are for the company in general, employee monitoring software can offer immense help.

A great example of such a tool that can help ensure that work environment is healthy and no one on the team is thinking of changing their career paths is Kickidler.

It has a variety of useful reports that allow managers to see everything happening with their teams, from time tracking to productivity analysis.

Additionally, in early 2024, a major update of the solution was introduced – Kickidler Project Tracking. Its added new tools now allow managers to not only monitor their employees, but also keep track of all the tasks and projects in real time, monitor financial metrics, and even see employee workload distribution, which is essential in ensuring no one is overworked or on the verge of tumbling down under the stress of too many tasks.

What’s more, employees themselves can measure their engagement and productivity with the software’s Autokick functionality. This set of tools – including automatic notification on any workplace violations, the Employee Rating, which allows employees to monitor their productive activity in relation to other employees of the company, as well as a custom interface for employees to see their own productivity analytics – is designed to improve employee self-management and increase their motivation. 

In Lieu of a Conclusion

The underlying message of the whole Lazy Girl Jobs trend is clear as day – in order to have a career that is healthy and sustainable in the long run, it is essential for employees to prioritize work-life balance and set healthy boundaries at work.

Lazy girl jobs should not be perceived as an open-armed invitation to be unproductive or complacent. They represent a philosophy regarding work where people are looking for a better balance between their jobs and personal lives, where there is no need to sacrificing their income or career growth.

By setting boundaries, communicating their needs, and creating a healthy work-life balance, employees can achieve greater happiness in their jobs and, thus, improve their productivity. Employers should therefore consider implementing practices that support their employees’ wellbeing, being aware that it benefits both the employees and the company as a whole.

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