Extremely important Kickidler updates

08/16/2022, 2265 views
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Extremely important Kickidler updates

Dear User,

We invite you to get acquainted with the list of Kickidler’s latest updates as of last Friday, which affect both the functionality of our software and its licenses.

Kickidler Time Tracking – lite version of our software

We’ve released a new version of our software called Kickidler Time Tracking (TT), with its focus placed on reporting and analytics rather than visual monitoring. To avoid confusion, the standard version of our tool that you’re using or testing at the moment is now called Kickidler Employee Monitoring (EM). Basically, Kickidler TT is your standard Kickidler, but without the Viewer, with only the Web interface.

Kickidler TT is the perfect solution for companies that are looking for more soft and gentle employee monitoring techniques.

Kickidler TT provides managers with analytical reports on the activities of their employees, including reports on working time and productivity. It also allows managers to automate employee monitoring with the help of automatic notifications and the self-monitoring interface.

Comparison of version functionality:

Time Tracking
Employee Monitoring
Visual monitoring    
Online screen monitoring
Screen video recording
Violation detecting
Remote access
Time tracking    
Working hours report
Time report
Report on web pages and apps
Productivity analysis    
Efficiency report
“Details of the Day” report
Work dynamics report
Employee performance rating
Self-monitoring tools    
Automatic notifications
Report on notifications
Self-monitoring interface
Additional features    
Tech support

How much does Kickidler Time Tracking cost?

We’ve dropped the prices for Kickidler Time Tracking for a limited time only, and now it’s three times more affordable than our usual Employee Monitoring version. Don’t miss your chance to buy this new version of Kickidler at a bargain price!

Employee Monitoring
Time Tracking
One-month license $9.99 $5
Three-months license $25 $12.5
Six-months license $40 $20
One-year license $66 $33
Three-years license $132 $66
Perpetual license $240 $120

Soon we’ll add new prices to our website. For now, you can buy Kickidler Time Tracking version in your personal account.

We brought back perpetual licenses

We’ve heard your wishes loud and clear, especially now, when the situation is as volatile as ever. And so perpetual licenses for our software are back by popular demand. They still include indefinite technical support and all future updates, and that favorably distinguishes us from all the competition on the market.

We scaled back free functionality

Now Kickidler’s freemium version provides free monitoring of only one employee. We believe that using our software to monitor two and more users is considered commercial use and should be paid for. Keep in mind that we’re constantly developing the functionality of our employee monitoring solution and improving the work of our tech support, and things like these actually cost money. We would really appreciate your understanding.

Reports migrated from the Viewer to the Web interface

From now on, all reports generated by our software will only be available in the Web interface of the Central Server. To make the transition more convenient for you, we’ve temporarily placed a link to the Web interface in the Viewer, where the reports used to be. We’ll soon add other features that are better suited for visual monitoring to the now vacant space in the Viewer.

The benefits of having all the reporting in the Web interface are clear:

  • First, there are more reports available and they are even more informative. Viewer had 3 reports, while the Web interface has 9 of them, including those reports that were already available in the Viewer.
  • Second, access settings of the Web interface are more flexible.

You can learn how to create and manage accounts and user rights in the Web interface here.

We are confident that the new functionality of our software along with its new more flexible capabilities will help make your business even more efficient!

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

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08/16/2022, 2265 views
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