What is keylogger?

Keylogger records all the keystrokes made by the employee on his/her office computers.

Keylogger is invisible to the user, and the employee does not know that he is being monitored.

How does keylogger work?

  • Keylogger collects information on all the keystrokes in all programs
  • Keylogger displays the keystrokes in real time (the text the user types right now), as well as in the form of an interactive report
  • Pressing special keys are displayed as <Ctrl+C> and <Alt+F4>
  • The passwords the user enters will also be intercepted and displayed in plain text

What can keylogger do?

  • Keylogger shows what employees wrote in different programs, such as:
    • email (including the web-based mail services like Gmail.com and others),
    • social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook and others)
    • messengers (Skype, Viber, Telegram, ICQ, Lync and others)
    • Office programs (Microsoft Office, 1С and others)
  • Keylogger provides a report on the intensity of keystrokes, that allows us to see, for example, whether the employee typed a text on the keyboard or occasionally pressed the space bar.
  • Kickidler also records a video of the user’s activities on the PC desktop, as well as violations committed by him/her
  • All the collected information (text, video, and violations) can be viewed on a single timeline, which allows understanding what exactly the employee did at a certain period

Why does the manager need to use the keylogger?

  • to prevent data leakage (DLP - Data Leak Prevention)
  • to control the use of confidential information (DLP - Data Loss Protection)
  • to determine the work efficiency of the text typed on the keyboard

Why is Kickidler the best keylogger?

  • Keylogger included in Kickidler employee monitoring system is accompanied by a large set of additional features: violation control, video recording, online monitoring, time tracking
  • You can see the keystrokes entered by the employee in real time
  • All the events are displayed on a single timeline, which greatly facilitates the analysis of possible incidents
  • Video recording allows you to know what exactly the employee was doing at the time of typing a certain text
  • Kickidler works not only with Windows computers but also with Linux (and soon with Mac)

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