Monitoring in real-time

Control your staff in quadrator

Efficiency of employees' work

Analyze the use of employees’ time at work using reports on efficiency

Time tracking

Control the use of employees’ actual time working using reports by time

Quick activity reports

Look through operational reports for every employee

Video archive

Watch a video of each employee with references to violations and opened applications

Analysis of keypresses

Control the efficiency of employees' work using keystroke logger

"One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth half-a-hundred half-finished tasks."

Malcolm Forbes

Kickidler features

Install Kickidler in your company
  • Fill the form and get Invite by e-mail
  • Install product during 7 days
  • Use full functional of Kickidler for one week
  • After you can make online monitoring for 6 employees
Run the demo version of Kickidler
  • The demo version of Kickidler has full functionality but allows you to monitor only computers in the office of Kickidler
  • With the demo version you can not watch your employees. To do this install trial version of Kickidler. It allows you to monitor your own office within 14 days, and then watch for free for 6 employees with no time limits

To start using the demo version: