all employees
in real-time


For Microsoft Windows
and GNU/Linux


Find out how much time
employees spend on work
or their personal needs


Use a recording
of employees' activity
to solve problems quickly

Watch for
6 employees
for free

In real-time

Kickidler features

  • Online Monitoring

    View and supervise all your employees in real-time. Effective for companies of any size

  • Control of Efficiency

    Find out which employees are engaged in work related tasks or who is playing games, using social networks or watching videos

  • Time Tracking

    Control employees’ work: manage the efficiency of how applications are being used by browsing analytical reports

  • Control of Employees

    Use the interface of the quadrator to control the actions of all employees simultaneously

  • Analysis of Incidents

    Use a video comprised of histograms to analyze your employees’ activities and browsing historical information

  • Control of Violations

    Browse analytical reports on committed violations which peak your interest at the moment

  • Solving Problems

    Browse the history of users in order to reveal actions that have resulted in problems or computer failure

  • Remote Control

    Control your employees’ computers remotely for program setup, data recovery and solving problems (TeamViewer analogue)

  • Online Control

    Supervise and monitor the activities of employees in real-time in order to identify and prevent potentially dangerous outcomes

Find out now how to actually work your employees!


Why do you need Kickidler?

About  27% of working hours
are spent on personal needs

Kickidler shows which one of you employees are really working and who is lounging. It gives you all the necessary graphs and reports for making informed management decisions

After 5 minutes on a social network it will take an employee an average of 20 minutes to get back on track

Even if an employee spends a little amount of time on unproductive activity, they still spend some time to collect their thoughts and get back on track. Recording and playback of all employee’ actions help you to know how time is spent at work

Up to 50% of company’s income can be lost
because of employees who steal clients and information

Existing monitoring and DLP systems cannot provide the necessary protection because they do not control all employees’ actions fully. With Kickidler you can watch for employees both in real-time and on a video using a historical video of committed violations for reference

About 3,5 hours are spent on figuring out which actions have triggered failure on the PC

You can change PC settings or apps data easily and quickly, but search of changes on an employees’ PC requires a lot of time. However, you can open video of all employees' actions in Kickidler and get necessary information in roughly 10 minutes. Also, Kickidler allows you to connect to an employee’s PC remotely and run recovery actions

How does Kickidler work?

Online Monitoring
Efficiency Report
Control of Violations
History Viewing
Remote Control
Time Report
Install Kickidler in your company
  • Fill the form and get Invite by e-mail
  • Install product during 7 days
  • Use full functional of Kickidler for one week
  • After you can make online monitoring for 6 employees
Run the demo version of Kickidler
  • The demo version of Kickidler has full functionality but allows you to monitor only computers in the office of Kickidler
  • With the demo version you can not watch your employees. To do this install trial version of Kickidler. It allows you to monitor your own office within 14 days, and then watch for free for 6 employees with no time limits

To start using the demo version: