Leaking information to competitors and other sins of employees. How to tackle them with the help of Kickidler program

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Leaking information to competitors and other sins of employees. How to tackle them with the help of Kickidler program

Is there anything worse for a company than dishonest employees? Sloth, pride, wrath, envy, greed, gluttony and lust pale in comparison to this sin – if you measure it on a scale of possible losses of the organization.

And it's fine if the employee takes home toilet rolls or free candies from the corporate dining room. You can live with that. But what if it concerns important corporate information? It is necessary to prevent such issues in advance, even before they happen. That's what we're going to talk about in this post.

How to prevent perpetrators' actions inside the company?

We won't look at standard methods of battling with perpetrators like the non-disclosure agreement, surveillance cameras, blocking social networks and mail services, banning copying to the USB memory stick and so on.

There are VPN or anonymizers for any blocks, surveillance cameras don't film in 4K, and USB sticks nowadays are used mostly in social clubs for the elderly.  Today on the market there are more technological ways of information security, one of which is the Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software. Our software, besides its function of tracking employees' work hours, can be a powerful tool of security service for protection of corporate information. You just can't get around Kickidler or trick it.

Control of violations – powerful tool for information security

The Employee violations monitoring function of Kickidler allows you to record any violations of the working schedule made by employees. And violations can be seen both in real time, using online monitoring of computers, and while browsing the history, using reports on work hours.

The main advantage of this tool is that it can be adjusted individually, taking into account features of the particular employee.

What violations does Kickidler record?

  • Visiting undesirable websites. For instance, indeed.com, mail services, social networks.
  • Running undesirable programs or applications. For instance, VPN, games, anonymizers.
  • Opening undesirable files. For instance, the infamous client base can be recorded by the program both by the file title (crm …), and by its type (.xlsx).

Control of violations in our program is integrated with another important function – video recording of the employee's monitor. That means the observer is able to not only record the fact of employee's interaction with any website, program or file title, but also see all that in a video from the screen.

How does it work?

Let's use a simple example.

To create new violation, you access the web interface of the Central server, click the “Violations” section on the side panel and press the “Add Violation” button in the opened window.

Screenshot 1. Section “Violations” in Kickidler’s web interface

The window that opens will allow you to choose the category of violations from suggested options: program, web page, title. Let's choose the third option and in the “Title” box state “crm”, and then let's choose the color of the marker for this violation.

Screenshot 2. Adding new violation in Kickidler's web interface

Then we access the “Tracking” section of the Viewer, click the employee in question, open the “Violations” tab, and we can see the line chart with the history of all interactions of this employee with files which name contains a combination of “crm”.

Screenshot 3. Reviewing the violations in Viewer

Then you can highlight each of the marked violations and look at the video in the “History” section. Important bonus of this function is that the program will record even those activities that were made before the creation of the violation, that is, in our particular case the observer will be able to look at the history of interaction with the files that contain the combination of “crm” before this violation was created.

Video review of Kickidler's function “Control of Violations”:

09/27/2018, 3609 views
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