How to control the work of freelancers effectively? Client case 16

05/12/2020, 2523 views
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How to control the work of freelancers effectively? Client case 16

In this case we’re going to share with you the collective experience of a number of our clients regarding efficient control of freelancers that work by the hour.

The method consists of simply installing our software to monitor employees Kickidler on the freelancer’s PC upon prior arrangement. The system not only tracks the actual hours they work, but also – thanks to the function of online monitoring – allows you to see exactly what the freelancer is doing at any given moment and to view statistics on their productivity during the time you’re paying them for.

On the Internet, namely, on the freelance exchanges, we often see a lot of the same job vacancies.

One of our clients told us that when he first published a vacancy where he stressed the fact that the person he’s looking for will be monitored, he received significantly less feedback compared to the previous similar ads he’d posted.

However, in his opinion, it’s actually a good thing, since he started getting responses only from the conscientious individuals who have no reason to hide from their client the amount of hours they’ve worked.

“There are a lot of freelancers who are keen on doing everything at the very last moment right before the deadline. I can understand them now, since I’ve experienced first-hand how difficult it is to not get distracted by the prospect of watching TV series or scrolling through newsfeed ever once our office has been transferred to remote work. Kickidler actually exercises discipline. I honestly think your program is primarily useful to the freelancers themselves. If two freelancers message me offering their services and one of them suggests we use employee monitoring tools, it’ll be a serious argument in their favor.”

Michael, Kickidler user

How to monitor freelancers using Kickidler?

Finally, here are some tips on how to effectively monitor remote employees using our program.

Tip 1. Since the program will be installed on the employee’s personal PC, ask them to create a special account for work in order to not monitor the employee’s computer during their personal time. 

Tip 2. You can also ask us for a special utility that enables and disables the Grabber of our program. With this utility employees can enable and disable the monitoring on their own. We will be adding this feature to our system very soon. That way, employees will be able to administer Grabber themselves without any third-party utilities.

Tip 3. Discuss in advance the amount of hours in a day a freelancer is ready to work on your project. Preferably, you should set the work schedule. For example, they’re working from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm with a one-hour lunch break. Set the employee’s work schedule in the operational calendar. Now the program will take into account only the time the employee spends working within the specified time interval.

Tip 4. Another way of employee monitoring is when an employee installs both the Grabber and the Viewer of our program on their PC and configures the auto submission of reports on working hours in Excel format to your email. This method is convenient in terms of privacy, but you should keep in mind that in such a scenario you won’t be able to monitor the freelancer’s work in real time (Online monitoring feature). This means there’ll also be an opportunity to manipulate the reports on working hours.

Tip 5. Don’t go overboard with remote employees monitoring. Remember that all the employees need a certain amount of freedom to be able to do a great job and succeed in the long run. Employee monitoring shouldn’t morph into micromanagement. On the contrary, it’s meant to be a tool that’s useful for both parties.

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

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05/12/2020, 2523 views
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