Track Website Usage – Why It’s Important to Know What Sites Your Employees Browse

02/10/2020, 3013 views
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Track Website Usage – Why It’s Important to Know What Sites Your Employees Browse

Why is it important to control the website usage? What problems will be solved by monitoring the sites your employees visit? Why should you know what sites employees visit during their work hours, and how can our employee monitoring software Kickidler help? We'll talk about all of the above in this article.

The main factor to determine if the person who works at the computer is a slacker is to look at the sites he visits during his work hours.

If he spends most of his time on social media, news sites, forums, dating sites, etc., he's definitely a saboteur – even if he's unaware of that – and your business only loses from having an employee like that. If he uses only the sites and apps that are integral for his job, then it's a responsible employee who can be quite useful to your business.

There are exceptions, of course, but mostly these statistics are correct.

But how do you distinguish between those who are hardworking and those who are complete time-wasters?

Let's cut to the chase – there are many solutions to this problem in the modern world. We're talking about Employee Monitoring Software.

These programs allow you to analyze all users' actions behind computers and control the sites they visit during the workday.

Let's understand how such software operates using our time tracking software Kickidler as an example.

How do you monitor what sites users visit?

Screenshot 1. “Details of the day” report

Our Kickidler user internet monitoring software allows you to analyze the daily behavior of employees and assign different ratings to the sites they visit – productive, unproductive or neutral. By the ratio of these indicators it's easy to understand, which of your employees truly work hard and which only pretend to be very busy.

One important nuance should be taken into account here – the same site can be productive for some employees and unproductive for others. For example, social networks will be considered productive for SMM managers and news sites – for news editors. At the same time, both of these categories can be tagged as unproductive for an accountant.

For this very purpose, our Kickidler program has an option to adjust productivity settings for individual employees and entire departments.

Once you do that and the program collects all the necessary statistics, you can analyze your employees' behavior using different productivity reports, each of which is good for a particular task.

“Details of the day” report

The report displays a pie chart of the overall statistics on the sites and apps an employee uses during work hours. It also shows the hours, during which the employee is most and least productive.

Productivity report

The report shows the overall picture of the sites visited by an employee and the ratio of productive to unproductive resources.

“Employees’ rating” report

The report allows you to quickly identify the most productive and unproductive people on your team.

Report on applications

The report similarly shows the rating of apps and sites used by an employee.

Report on dynamics

The report shows the declines and surges of productivity. It can be configured depending on the time of the day, day of the week, month.

Real time monitoring of PC

You don't want to monitor different reports and scroll through countless data files? It's understandable. That's why our program has a unique function – online monitoring of employees' computers. You'll be able to see in real time everything your employees do during work hours, what sites and apps they are using at any given moment.

According to our clients, this function doesn't mean the employer has to endlessly stare at the screen. To encourage the spike in productivity, the very fact that the employer has the ability to see employees' screens is enough.

Control is good, micromanagement – not so much

When we talk about control, we imply that it should be reasonable, transparent and amiable to the employees themselves. In no way should you abuse the power you have to control everything your employees do.

The employee should know exactly how his employer can monitor his activity at the work PC, how much time in a day he is allowed to spend on personal matters and how much time he is obliged to work.

Explain to your employees that your ability to monitor the sites they visit doesn’t necessarily mean you desire to monitor the employees themselves. Rather it's a way to tackle procrastination, which no one is prone to. Highlight the fact that if an employee shows nice productivity index, no one will monitor his screen. And abide by that principle. Encourage the employees who are more productive than others. That way control of visited sites will become an effective tool to increase your employees' motivation.

Kickidler websites usage tracking software

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02/10/2020, 3013 views
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