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Small yet Important Kickidler Update. Report on Notifications

Software to monitor employees Kickidler developers have released another update that extended Autokick’s functionality, allowing employees to see notifications on violations and statistics of their own productivity, as well as to turn Grabber on and off. We’re talking about the Report on notifications.

What is the Report on notifications?

Report on notifications displays consolidated statistics on the following parameters:

  • Time of notification – the moment of time when the notification was triggered.
  • Department – the name of the department the employee works in.
  • Employee – the name of the employee who triggered the notification.
  • Name of the notification group.
  • Name of the notification.

The new report is located on the Central Server, which means that you can view it in the Web-interface of our program. A detailed technical description of the Report on notifications can be found here.

What tasks does the Report help solve?

The decision to create such a report was made after numerous requests from our clients to see consolidated statistics on notifications in order to understand which employees violate the rules most often. It’s especially important for companies that employ more than 50 specialists.

Now, it’s become easier for supervisors to see what notifications have been displayed to their employees. Formerly, this could only be done by setting up email notifications. That made it quite inconvenient, for example, to keep a history of notifications.

The new report, like all other work from home monitoring software Kickidler reports, can be uploaded in Excel format, and you can also configure it to be automatically sent to email.

We are confident that this new functionality will help you solve your business tasks!

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

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12/08/2020, 1526 views
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