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Road map – What the Future Holds for Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software (2020)
  • «Autokick» – automatic notifications about violations. 
  • Possibility for employees to see reports on their productivity.
  • Possibility for employees to turn the Grabber on at the beginning of the workday and turn it off at the end of the day. 
  • Option to select the parts of program functionality to turn off (video screen recording, keylogger, remote access).
  • Kickidler cloud version.
  • Ability to import pre-configured websites and apps ratings.
  • Viewer mobile version.
  • Video compression.

We have a good old tradition of creating a plan regarding Kickidler’s further development in the upcoming years that we create at the end of each passing year. This time is no different. We've drawn up a plan for 2020 and are eager to share the most important parts of this road map with you.

We are confident new capabilities of our system will allow you to track your employees even more effectively, which will eventually have a great impact on the success of your business.

We've largely relied on the results of the survey we'd conducted, in which we asked our clients what functionality they think the program lacks the most.

We'd collected all your wishes and even added to those that dominated in your responses – cloud version of the program, automatic notifications and Viewer’s mobile version – to the upcoming development plan.

So what are the updates that await software for monitoring employees Kickidler in the upcoming year?

Autokick – automatic notifications

Not all managers like to constantly give remarks on their subordinates' work due to the personality traits of these people or big amounts of work they may have. It's completely normal. Not all managers should be rigorous. Moreover, Kickidler's new function that will be called “Autokick” will do the dirty work for you.

If an employee has been looking through social networks longer than he should, has been inactive for a long time or has visited an unwanted site during working hours, our program will notify him that his actions are unacceptable (as well as optionally sending a notification to his superior – either as an e-mail or as a pop-up message).

This feature will allow you to customize the program according to your needs. You will be able to decide how much time employees, for example, are allowed to spend scrolling down Facebook. You'll also decide yourself who'll be notified in case a violation happens – the employee himself, you or somebody else.

In addition, we've made violations settings more flexible. Now you can consider a violation not only some kind of action (for instance, visiting an unwanted site), but an action that has specified duration (for example, an employee constantly spends more than 30 minutes on news site) or an action performed within a specified time interval (for example, an employee has visited some website more than 15 minutes within an hour).

Employee’s ability to see reports on their productivity

In our experience, often employees show low productivity not because of deliberate sabotage, but because of simple lack of organization. Our update will allow the employees to see summary reports on their own productivity as well as employee ratings in the unit or the whole organization divided into productive and unproductive activities.

This will allow employees to control their productivity themselves and make attempts to fight procrastination. And the game element of the process – the ability to see the rating – will create an additional incentive for employees to be more productive than their colleagues.

To do that, we'll create a small menu for employees that have Grabbers installed on their computers, which they'll be able to turn on optionally.

Employee’s ability to turn the Grabber on at the beginning of the workday and turn it off at the end of day

This feature will be useful primarily for those who work with freelancers or remote employees. At the moment, our program has an optional ability we provide on request to disable the grabber as well as the ability to control only selected PC account.

With this new functionality, turning the grabber on and off will become an even simpler and easier process.

Option to select what parts of program functionality to turn off

At your request, we'll provide you with an option to selectively disable Kickidler functionality. This will allow you to disable employee screen video recording, keylogger and remote control if desired. This will be helpful in case you don't want any of your employees who have Viewer installed on their PC to be able to see, for example, the passwords and other personal details of their colleagues who have Grabber installed.

Kickidler cloud version

With this new Kickidler cloud version you'll be able to install the server part of our program on the cloud. It's useful when you have remote employees and you don't want to store large amounts of data on a physical drive.

By the way, you can install the Server of our program on the cloud now. All you have to do is contact our customer service and we'll find you some type of inexpensive cloud.

A fact you should take into consideration is that the price of Kickidler's cloud version will be slightly different than the price of its basic version.

Ability to import pre-configured websites and apps ratings

At the moment our program has a pre-configured list of 600 unproductive sites and apps. In 2020, we'll create more advanced lists that you'll be able to import into the program. We'll also develop mass categorization of sites and apps that will greatly simplify the process of their assessment.

Viewer mobile version

Most of our active customers want our program to have a mobile version of Viewer that’ll give manager the ability to see what his subordinates are doing from his mobile phone. It can be quite useful when the supervisor is away on a business trip or attending a meeting. It really is a necessary feature and we will definitely develop it.

Unlike many competitors, we won't limit ourselves to the ability to view reports, but will also develop the equivalent of desktop online monitoring to ensure that Kickidler's mobile version matches its main concept.

Video compression

This new algorithm of video compression that we'll implement in early 2020 will make the video weigh two times less without losing its quality.

We are confident our updates will help you make your business even more efficient. If you have any questions regarding the new functionality of our program, don't hesitate to e-mail us at marketing@kickidler.com.

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

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12/26/2019, 2524 views
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