What is there new in Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software? August 2018

08/10/2018, 2245 views
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What is there new in Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software? August 2018

Reporting to e-mails

We are regularly working on our time tracking and team scheduling to acquire new options and opportunities becoming even more useful for the business of our customers. We have recently added a new option in reporting we‘d like to tell you about in this post.

Reporting: what is it for?

First, it saves time. Now there is no necessity for the manager to run Viewer or enter the web interface of the Central Server in order to check what the employees were doing all over the day. The reports will be sent to e-mail at specified time and with specified regularity. It is notably handy if the manager is on vacation, for instance. He can open e-mail, download the reports in Excel and watch activity levels of the team in his absence.

What reports can be received by e-mail? 

Time report shows the time and the programs/websites the employee uses during the working day and the time he is inactive. 

Efficiency report shows an overall picture of employee’s activities for the selected period considering both efficient and inefficient activity and inactivity.

Working hours report shows any deviations in working schedule of the team: if the employees leaving work earlier or the ones are regularly late.   

Timesheet report shows the total number of hours worked by the employee and the number of truancies for the selected period.

You can read more about reporting here and here.

How often can reports be received?

Reporting can be received once a day, once a week and once a month. It is also possible to set up a convenient time for mailing and receive reporting for the working day in the evening or in the morning of the next day.

How many addresses reporting can be sent to?

You can use as much as you want. Moreover, groups of recipients can be varied. For example, the head of the Marketing department receives a performance reporting every Friday at 18:00 while the head of the Sales department receives a timesheet on the 1st of each month at 9:00. 

Follow our updates as we have planned a lot of useful and interesting!


08/10/2018, 2245 views
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