What Employees are Monitored the Most With the Help of Kickidler?

11/11/2019, 3205 views
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What Employees are Monitored the Most With the Help of Kickidler?

Recently we've conducted a survey that was aimed at finding out who our clients are and why they chose our program. Another important question was what employees are most often monitored with the help of our software.

We have to be honest – the results of the study weren't that surprising, yet they're quite interesting and illustrative.

Who is monitored the most?

Most often employers control employees who work with money. Top place by far took sales managers. Of the respondents, 16 of our clients monitor them.

Second place took experts of a very similar profession – managers that work with clients. 7 respondents mentioned them. Third place (with the same amount of mentions) took accountants.

  • Subsequent places were distributed as follows:
  • Programmers, analysts, designers – 6.
  • Support service specialists – 5.
  • Top management, content managers, marketers – 4.
  • Web designers, product managers – 2.

The rest of jobs were mentioned only once each. Those jobs are designers, lawyers, SMM managers, contractors, testers, copywriters, engineers, administrators, record keepers and even models.


The first conclusion that is the easiest one to come to is the fact that what employers want the most is to control the employees that are engaged in monetary transactions or interact directly with clients.

The second conclusion is that employers control the employees, whose work on computers is tangible and easy to analyze. Those are people like programmers, analysts, designers.

The third conclusion – you can control employees of almost any profession if they work at personal computers. From the list we’ve offered during the survey only journalists weren't mentioned, but our clients named the professions we didn't even assume could be monitored.

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11/11/2019, 3205 views
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