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Small yet important Kickidler updates. March 2021

We are always striving to make our program as intuitive, user-friendly, and functional as possible. Not so long ago we’ve made a number of improvements to the user functionality of our service. Here’s a look at Kickidler's March updates!

Let’s start with the most important one.

Video uploading to Viewer has been optimized

What has been done?

This is a pretty cool update! We’ve found an effective way to optimize the process of uploading videos to the Viewer of the program. 

Now the video of employee’s activity that's uploaded to Viewer will weigh considerably less than before, and, therefore, the loading process itself will take much less time. 

Example. Previously: video duration: 9-00-00 – 18-00-00, loading time ~30 minutes, video size – 108 GB.
Now: video duration: 9-00-00 – 18-00-00, loading time ~2 minutes, video size – 358 MB.

Why is it useful?

To save time. Now, when you want to see the employee’s activity history, you don’t have to wait half an hour for the video to download. The loading process takes only two minutes.

To save resources. Earlier, every time you uploaded a video to Viewer, a large executable file was created on a PC. To give you an example, when you uploaded an 8-hour-long video of someone's activity, the size of that file could reach 100 GB, which sometimes would even make the computer freeze. Now the same file will weigh only about 350 MB. 

To save resources (2). We know we have customers who download video history of employee activity from Viewer and store it on the company's hard drives. With this update, the process of downloading video will take much less time and the video itself will weigh much less.

Page layout of the report page has been adjusted

What has been done?

We added a help message for users who are accessing the reports section in the web interface of the program. 

Previously, there was a message for the user with a notification that there was no data there. And that, in our opinion, wasn’t very intuitive.

Now, when a user clicks on any report in the web interface of the program, they are advised to generate a report and are given a prompt message that explains how to do it.

Why is it useful?

To make things easier, of course. 

Also, read “Pros and cons of the employee monitoring”.

The program has been configured to work with the latest versions of various browsers

What has been done?

Web browsers are being updated on a regular basis, and we try our best to make sure that our program works correctly with their latest versions.

Among other things we:

  • Restored site collection from Yandex on Windows and Linux.
  • Restored site collection from Edge on Windows.
  • Restored site collection from Firefox on Linux.
  • Corrected the process definition of Opera on Windows and Linux.

Some other minor improvements were made.

We’ve also changed the method of selecting the language on the Central Server, edited the Turkish translations, and fixed some bugs.

Note: Displaying automatic notifications on the desktop for MacOS users has been temporarily suspended.

We've temporarily suspended the feature of automatic notifications display for MacOS users. We're working on improving MacOS notifications system to get rid of the existing restrictions. The work is estimated to be completed by the beginning of next quarter. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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03/29/2021, 2928 views
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