Small But Important Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software Updates

12/11/2019, 2429 views
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Small But Important Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software Updates

Dear users! We've implemented a number of small but important updates of our employee monitoring software functionality, which we're happy to share with you right now.

Updated Employee Violations Settings

We're sure many of you have already noticed the changes in the interface of our program that relate to Employee Violations. Now settings panel of the violations in the web interface of our program looks like this:

Now, in Kickidler's Web Interface you can not only create violations on visiting a specific website, running an app and on a specific keyword in the title, but you can also configure these violations depending on the time spent using that resource as well as the time at a given period.

Let's talk a bit more about that.

For example, your employee has spent more than an hour in a day on Facebook. Our program will record the violation and show it in the violations panel ONLY when the time spent on that social network exceeds the specified period of time.

If your employee, for example, spends more than 15 minutes per hour on social networks and this is unacceptable to you, then the new functionality of our program will allow you to create a violation by these parameters.

Note that the program settings allow you to record the violation only during working hours, that is, depending on the settings of the Productive Calendar.

You can create a violation not only based on the sites visited, but also based on unproductive activity, inaction and productive activity. The latter may be useful, for example, if you want your employees to take a short break every three hours. The signal about the detection of such "violation" will also pop up in the Viewer.

This functionality isn't final; it's only the first part of the large installment that will be called “Autokick”. Approximately next January we'll add pop-up notifications about violations, employee access to brief productivity statistics and the ability for the employee to turn off the grabber himself at the end of the workday.

We are sure new functionality will be a happy addition for the managers who want to increase the productivity of their subordinates and value their time.

We'll talk in more details in the Roadmap that will be released later this year.

Updated local version of Kickidler Employee Computer Monitoring Software

We've updated the local version of our product. Now it has the same functionality as the regular version. We know that some of our clients have been waiting for that for a long time, so we are happy to tell you that it's finally done.

Kickidler Employee Screen Monitoring Software

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12/11/2019, 2429 views
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