Instant Messaging Monitoring – Why Does Business Need It and How to Organize It

03/03/2020, 3415 views
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Instant Messaging Monitoring – Why Does Business Need It and How to Organize It

Talking on the phone is a traditional way of communicating with your customers – that fades into irrelevance more and more with each passing year. Since generation Z, it’s become more convenient for people to communicate not through phone calls, but through messengers, and that can be explained by several reasons:

  1. There is no need to “wait on hold”. You write your question about the goods and close an app – once the answer comes, you open it again.
  2. You can ask any questions you may have from anywhere in the world – subway, university, work, etc. – all you need is the Internet.
  3. Texting allows you to think about your words more carefully; you don’t have to make decisions on the spot.

No wonder messengers are at the peak of popularity. 2 billion people use WhatsApp; 1 billion people have registered in Telegram. If you still haven’t arranged communication with your clients and counterparties through instant messages, it’s time to do that. And if you have organized such workflow, it’s time to think about what additional benefits you can gain from it.

Take quality control to a new level

Monitoring the way your subordinates communicate with clients and partners is one of the main tasks of any manager. Surely, you have approved scripts and service standards in your company that managers must follow, and you definitely don’t want them to violate these instructions.

Unfortunately, such violations still occur. Quite often an employee:

  • Fails. He works nominally, shows no interest in the client’s needs, uses clichés, acts rude, etc. The reasons for this behavior may be different – someone may be distracted from work because of personal problems, someone is overworked and feels exhausted, someone just isn’t suitable for their position.
  • Misinforms the clients. In our experience, not only beginners, but quite experienced employees as well can incorrectly inform their clients. You make an effort, develop a strategy to handle your customers’ objections, but all this work can go down the drain if you can’t control the things your employees write during conversations in various social networks and messengers.
  • Sabotages the transaction. Personal conflict with management, resentment to the customer, payoff from another counterparty – again, there are more than enough different motivations for that.
  • Leaks the information. Before being fired, some managers – on the basis of conflict or simply for money – a­­re willing to share confidential company data with competitors.

The result is always the same. You lose clients, partners, and with them – profit. That’s why it’s so important to get control over all channels of communication with counterparties, and messengers are ideal for this. 

How can you organize instant messaging monitoring?

Phone records have to be tapped and decrypted, which takes a lot of time and effort. But texting in a messenger is presented in a convenient text form from the start; all that’s left to do is simply get this data. Of course, an employee with access to an account can clean up his traces – delete messages or even whole text threads. That’s why we recommend you monitor not the history of the messenger, but the communication itself – in real time.

Kickidler employment tracking software has a special module, which is called keylogger. It records each keystroke made on the work computer. Everything your employee types – whether or not they erase it later – is securely captured in logs that you can easily access at any time:

There are convenient filters by the word you’re searching, by app, by quick keys or typing time. Does the client complain he was insulted in WhatsApp around 3 p.m.? It’ll take you one minute to know for certain whether it’s true or not. We’re talking about complete transparency and total control.

Kickidler's unique function is screen video recording. A special filter implemented in our program allows you to watch only the video fragments you need based on the time, program or website, with which the employee interacted.

Also our program allows you to see online complete employees’ correspondence thanks to the function of online computer monitoring.

How ethical is it to read someone else’s text threads?

Reading other people’s texts is completely unethical, and there’s no question about it. However, can an employee’s correspondence with the client – either from a work account or a work computer – be considered private and personal? We’re sure it isn’t. In this case, your subordinate represents the whole company, which means he doesn’t communicate on any personal topics. He’s working, and you have the right to monitor the quality of this work. There are personal accounts and personal devices for private conversations – tablets, smartphones, etc.

The only question that really needs to be addressed here is whether to inform employees that their computers have monitoring systems installed? We recommend you maintain transparency and keep an atmosphere of mutual respect. The exception can be made when you suspect a person is working against a company and so you implement employee monitoring software Kickidler to test your suspicions.

Ultimately, you decide how to monitor instant messaging in your company. But nowadays ignoring this opportunity is simply unwise – the more transparent the work of employees, the easier it will be for you to achieve good results.

Best of luck!

Employee Monitoring Software Kickidler

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03/03/2020, 3415 views
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