FinancesOnline directory acknowledged Kickidler employee monitoring software with Great User Experience and Rising Star awards

08/24/2018, 2016 views
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FinancesOnline directory acknowledged Kickidler employee monitoring software with Great User Experience and Rising Star awards

Kickidler is step by step taking over the international market!

FinancesOnline, a popular international reviewer of business software, has tested Kickidler employee monitoring software. 

After a thorough analysis of our software to come up a with a detailed Kickidler overview, our product was honored with even two prestigious awards: Great User Experience award and Rising Star award. 

FinancesOnline is a B2B solutions software directory providing businesses with an opportunity to make a better choice of software products presented on the market.

Recognized among the top 12 most popular employee monitoring software, Kickidler was highlighted by the impartial observer for its huge development potential, stressing that it is quickly being perceived by users as one of the top solutions on the market. Thus, our product was honored with the Rising Star award for 2018.

Our product was granted Great User Experience award owing to its simple intuitive and very user-friendly interface, which allows even a newbie to deal easily with complicated program functions.

In their review and employee monitoring software analysis, FinancesOnline especially praised the following features of our product:

Live Employee Desktop Monitoring – an easy-to-use quad splitter interface allows to view live an unlimited number of employees’ computer screens and, moreover, to make the lists in accordance with specified identifiers (for instance, by certain departments) and to switch between them. FinancesOnline reviewer noted that our program also allows to adjust the monitoring access rights: for example, corporate subdivision heads may only monitor the employees under them, while the department executives may view the monitors of all and any department employees.

Monitor Activity Recording – unlike many competitors, our program does not just take employees’ monitor screenshots, but records full-featured videos of monitor activities with frame rate of 30 frames per second. FinancesOnline points out that Kickidler is unique for its specific features, which may filter monitor activity video segments by certain application used or certain website visited by the employee at the moment. No other competing software provides such feature.

Active vs Idle time Analysis – this feature enables to evaluate how efficiently and productively the employees use their work-time. This software allows sampling not only by certain employee, but also by whole departments, analyzing the amount of time they were actually busy with work and how much time they spent on sharing memes in corporate messenger.

According to FinancesOnline, such data obtained via graphic reports will be a great help in choosing the right strategy for employees’ motivation. With that, recording all the computer activities of the employees is a huge step forward to further development of corporate information security. 

Moreover, the reviewer spotlighted and praised some other features of Work Time Reports program, namely:

  • Work Time Reports
  • Productivity Fluctuations Report
  • Time Tracking
  • Work Time Logging
  • Keylogger
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Remote Computer Control

Our program was overall scored 8.0 upon testing. Not bad at all, but there are still things to challenge.

08/24/2018, 2016 views
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