Control of school computer lessons using monitoring program Kickidler

It's a dream of any good computer science teacher for children to be productive during the computer lessons and not get distracted by online games, websites with entertaining content and other counterproductive things. But, unfortunately, this dream is hard to achieve.

Many children associate computer first and foremost with entertainment. It's hard to resist temptation to run some game on a school computer or browse the friends' feed in Facebook, especially, when there is no way for a teacher to control it. 

Many children associate computer first and foremost with entertainment. It's hard to resist temptation to run some game on a school computer or browse the friends' feed in Facebook, especially, when there is no way for a teacher to control it. 

Of course, one could constantly walk around the classroom, looking at the monitors, but today there are more technological ways to do that. More specifically, our monitoring system Kickidler.

Why Kickidler?

Monitoring system Kickidler has powerful functionality that allows to establish total control of all computers in classes. With the help of our program it is possible to not only see all computer screens in a class or in general at school in real time, but also make reports on the visited sites, record the actions performed on the computer, if necessary, connect to any computer remotely, and all this can be done without the password, it is also possible to block the keyboard or the mouse.

All this set of functions will allow the program to undertake all the dirty work, which leaves the teacher with just his direct duties, namely – to bring the light of knowledge.

Which functions of Kickidler will help the teacher?

Online monitoring of students' computers

The convenient interface of our Kvadrator program allows to display a grid with all the computer screens in the computer class on the teacher's computer (the quantity of units is unlimited; it is also possible to create several tabs). Using them, the teacher can monitor in real time exactly what everybody is doing during the lesson. The adjusted trigger will quickly let the teacher know about any violations: in case someone logs into social networks, or someone starts a MMORPG – nothing will escape Kickidler's all-seeing eye. This function is also necessary in the educational purposes. The teacher can display a certain pupil on his computer screen and see whether the student is doing the assignment correctly.

Analysis of performance on the computer 

Is it necessary for a teacher who has Kickidler downloaded on his computer to watch students all the time? Of course not! Our program will analyze how much time the student devoted to productive occupations and how much time was spent on personal stuff. The similar report can be made not only on the certain pupil, but on the whole class as well, comparing figures for every student in the same year.

Recording the computer screen 

It is a unique function of our program. Unlike its analogs, Kickidler doesn't make screenshots of the monitor with the predetermined frequency, but records the screen in full as a video. Thanks to compression. Video doesn't take up a lot of space on the server. Recording the video is necessary for viewing the history of actions on any computer. One more unique trick of our program is a filter on the visited websites and used applications. That is, to monitor interactions of the pupil with a particular website all you need to do is simply filter the video on this website.

Remote access (remote administration)

This function is the real joy for the teacher. It allows not only to help the student do the assignment, but also to switch off for a while guilty student's keyboard and mouse. All this can be done without the password and any additional dances with a tambourine.

Keystroke logging

This function memorizes all the keys the students struck. It isn't the main function of the program, but, still, it can be useful. By the way, the keylogger is integrated with viewing of history. Which means when you watch the video of student's computer activity, you can see what keys they struck at the same time. Convenient!

Instead of a conclusion

Our computer monitoring program has all the necessary functions to get computer science class under complete control. More than anyone else we are committed to our future generation growing up to be computer literate and hardworking. And the ground for that is being laid during the computer science lessons.

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  • After you can make online monitoring for 6 employees
Run the demo version of Kickidler
  • The demo version of Kickidler has full functionality but allows you to monitor only computers in the office of Kickidler
  • With the demo version you can not watch your employees. To do this install trial version of Kickidler. It allows you to monitor your own office within 14 days, and then watch for free for 6 employees with no time limits

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