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10 Easy To Use, Ultra Helpful Tools For Remote Teams

Are you a manager trying to switch your company to a team that does remote work? Well, then you are definitely searching for the kind of tools that can help you simplify the process. You might find this article interesting because it is about all the tools and software platforms that will help your team:

  • Collaborate,
  • Communicate,
  • Be more productive,
  • Stay organized,
  • Easily submit projects, and 
  • Be in the loop. 

The coronavirus outspread has made it impossible for us to escape remote work. So, why not use the tools available to deal with these problems? So here I’ve suggested, what I feel are the most helpful and easy to use software platforms out there that will be greatly helpful to you in switching to remote work.

Employee Monitoring Software For Extensive Insight

#1 Kickidler

Kickidler is pioneering as the top employee monitoring tool in the world and it is all for the right reasons. It is a software that helps you instill accountability in your team while you work remotely. Monitoring the work and tracking the progress of your employees has been made very easy with this handy tool.

Apart from computer screen recording, it also helps you take remote pc access which can be highly beneficial for your remote team. Apart from that Kickidler also helps you keep tabs on your team as it can track used apps, visited URLs, activity percentages, and much more. It finds ultimate use these days since it helps in monitoring classroom computers.

Pricing: USD 9.99 per user, per month.

#2 Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a go-to software for tracking and reporting. Users say that they have seen a massive increase in employee accountability since they started using this tool. It helps create online timesheets so that resources and work progress can be easily tracked. Also, billing and payroll can be better taken care of with this platform.

All the data of your team can be synchronized and viewed with the help of any mobile device. It helps your employees send comprehensive reports so that you can always be in the loop with their tasks. With this tool, it becomes easier to look into staffing and budgetary concerns.

Pricing: USD 10 per user, per month.

#3 InterGuard

Keeping track of your team or your documents can be a real hardship when you are working remotely. This is where InterGuard comes into play. InterGuard is a tool that provides you full control over your projects. It alerts with instant notifications, gives your data the security protection it needs, and, most importantly, helps maintain team productivity.

It provides the manager access to all user activity ranging from searches, reports, and other project parameters. It works in a way that it adapts to your company’s policies and the protocols that have been set by you. You can have control over all the devices that have been distributed over the team so your appliances are always accounted for.

Pricing: USD 9 per user, per month.

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Video creation and hosting for business

#1. StoryXpress

StoryXpress recorder is a Google chrome extension for remote employees, to record & share quick screen or webcam videos. Be it your customer success team, sales, marketing, or HR, you can reduce the load of texts, emails & lengthy conversation threads, with quick video messages!

The tool is best suited for teams involved in frequent meetings or to coordinate with various internal/external stakeholders. it is packed with some unique features, including video annotations, unlimited automatic cloud storage, custom branding, Video URL CNAME, video password protection, heatmap-powered video analytics, video editing, etc.

Pricing: For limited usage, you can start with Freemium account and to unlock premium features you can upgrade to any paid plan as per your requirement. Paid plans start at $7/month.


Project Management Software For Effective Collaboration

Keeping the communication alive with collaboration tools is very important, but it becomes infinitely more important when you want to work with a remote team. And you know what is more important than collaboration? Organization. Establishing a single platform for submission, delivery, organization, and collaboration is what makes remote work doable. Therefore, here is a collection of the very best and uncomplicated remote work tools for project management:

#1 ProofHub

ProofHub is an interactive project management software that adapts with your projects and the method in which you work exactly the way you want. From assigning tasks to making custom roles, this tool lets you redefine transparency in your terms. With the facility of Kanban boards and Gantt charts, ProofHub lets you establish custom workflows that help you move through projects in a more agile way.

It allows you white-labeling so that you can make the software completely your own. It is a tool that is especially helpful for remote teams because it helps create extensive reports as well as timesheets. Marking milestones, defining goals, and establishing deadlines are easy to perform tasks with this software. ProofHub is an all in one collaboration software that helps you replace multiple applications.

Pricing: USD 89 per month when billed annually (NO PER USER FEE) (USD 89 per month for a team of 10 people-- limited time offer)

Doing their part to battle the Coronavirus pandemic, ProofHub is being provided to schools all over the world for FREE till the end of the year 2020. Here’s how you can grab this offer.

#2 Blink

Blink is a comprehensive information and communication tool that helps the team manage projects, tasks, employees with a rich collection of settings and options. It also has an employee directory that allows you to find and chat with a co-worker.

It is a useful collaboration tool that looks to provide for the modern organization's intranet requirements. A few notable features include a personalized newsfeed, information repository, survey forms, and analytics.

It stands out as a powerhouse in its ability to handle both project and resource management plus provide users with useful insights.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial, $3.40 per user per month after.

#3 Trello

Trello is a project management system based on the Japanese kanban board principle. You have a virtual board where you attach the so-called stickers. Essentially, these are project cards that have task description, deadlines and comments section. Separate columns are created for the cards: “In progress”, “On approval”, “Approved”, “Done”, etc.

It is possible to create the structure you like as well as different boards for different departments or projects.

You can start implementing Trello in your company in just half an hour, and its functionality is enough to manage projects of almost any scale. It is precisely for its simplicity and affordability that we choose this service.

Pricing: Free, Business Class — $9.99 per userEnterprise — $17.50 per user

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#4 Asana

Asana is a pretty popular project management tool among the remote working teams. It is a versatile software that facilitates flexibility and agility in projects. Asana is a widely used software because it has an easy to use interface that allows you to create numerous types of dashboards. It provides a system that is equipped with providing the user with timely notifications.

With Asana, you can avoid using third-party apps to try to communicate and effectively collaborate with your team. It is a software that allows you to store and organize documents, tasks, and people with the utmost ease. It also comes with a calendar that will help you to set deadlines and track performance.

Pricing: USD 10.99 per user, per month when billed annually (USD 109.9 per month for a team of 10 people)

#5 Basecamp

Another great remote work tool for hardworking teams out there is Basecamp. Apart from making planning and scheduling easier, it also provides a platform for communication for remote teams no matter where. Basecamp also comes with Kanban boards to view tasks, documents, and deadlines in a more thorough way.

Since it comes with an easy to use interface, it is also completely customizable. Users of this software know that it replaces multiple communication and data-sharing platforms. Basecamp also helps nurture accountability in your team by enhancing transparency in the workflow.

Pricing: USD 99 per month, flat. (USD 99 per month for a team of 10 people)

Email Marketing Services for Business

#1 SendX

SendX is an Intuitive, Affordable & Feature-rich Email Marketing Software for marketers & business owners. SendX prides itself on enabling marketers with one of the simplest UIs in the industry. SendX provides unlimited email sends with every plan, powerful automation capabilities, 24x7 live support, best of breed email deliverability. 3000+ companies worldwide trust SendX for their Email Marketing. **Start with 14 days free trial (no credit card required). **Pricing starts at $7.49/month.


Starts with a 14 Day Free Trial (no credit card required, instant setup).
Yearly pricing starts at $7.49 per month.
Monthly pricing starts at $9.99 per month.

Check detailed pricing here.


I feel that I have covered all the tools that can be used to keep your team in the loop and to monitor their progress. Investing in these tools could save you from a lot of trouble and chaos that is involved with remote work. So with this, I leave you for a smooth telecommuting journey ahead.

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

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