5 signs indicating that you definitely need to introduce online employee monitoring

The success of any organization largely depends on the people who work there. This is not only about the employees' professionalism and experience, but also a question of how rationally they manage their work time.

Actually, it may be one the most difficult challenges facing any manager. You can find highly qualified professionals, you can give them the best equipment, products, production facilities (depending on your profile), and you can extensively advertise your company and acquire many customers. But all this will fail, if your subordinates fail to take their job duties seriously. The following signs will make you aware of this difficult situation.

Your employees are always late for work

Strict Soviet regimes are a thing of the past and, today, many companies have a much more relaxed attitude towards compliance with working hours. In a way, this is right because coercion rarely leads to anything good. However, the situation can also serve as a litmus test to reveal just how reliable your employees are. If they take advantage of your loyalty only occasionally, this is not a big deal. But if they are almost always late, it is time to think about introducing a more strict monitoring system.

Your deadlines for orders/works are delayed/not met

Practice shows that completing any order or assignment on time is a fully realistic expectation. In other words, almost all employees can finish their work even earlier, if they try hard enough. But when they are late on deadlines or disupt them entirely, this means that your company encourages procrastination.

Your company/employees get negative feedback

Any modern organization operates primarily for its customers or clients. In this light, their response should be the key indicator describing the quality of your goods or services. One or two negative comments are not yet a cause for panic, but systematically negative feedback generated on a frightening scale should be a good reason to suspect that your subordinates are negligent.

Your productivity/sales decline

This may be due to the fact that your employees basically just twiddle their thumbs at work. As a result, your customers/buyers are not happy and leave. Of course, there might be other reasons for lower output and sales, but you definitely need to consider the possibility that your subordinates are just too lazy.

Information is leaking from your company

This sign is associated with a somewhat different kind of irresponsibility owing to the belief that management will not sanction an employee, even if he/she violates corporate ethics. Such irresponsibility can also negatively affect the position of your organization because any internal information may at any time become available to third parties.

It is safe to say that when you see even a couple of these signs, you have reasonable grounds to alter your management policy. This does not mean that you need to fire all current employees and hire new ones. This means that it would be a good idea to introduce an additional employee monitoring system to train your staff to be more responsible and organized at the workplace. Otherwise, with your old methods of managing subordinates, you may only witness how the factors listed above become more profound and toxic, thus destroying your company from within.

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