Kickidler program complex doesn't clash with antiviruses during installation process. However, for the program to work correctly, you should keep in mind a number of antivirus characteristics that are worth paying attention to.

Antivirus Problems Solution
Avast free antivirus 2015 Runs additional scanning during installation of the Server, but doesn't find anything.  
Рanda antivirus pro 2015 15.1.0 Asks if you allow installing components. If you allow the app to run, the antivirus during subsequent checks won't flag Kickidler as a virus.  
360 Total Security During updating of the Kickidler Agent a message can be shown that reads that the program is making an illegal request – changing of the binary file. You can allow or block the update in the opened window. For the Agent to keep working correctly, you should allow updating. If you block the request, copy of the Agent will be damaged and won't be able to keep working.

There are two ways to prevent conflict:

  • Place the Agent during its installation on the computer with 360 Total Security antivirus in the C:\Program Files... folder. In this case the antivirus doesn't need additional confirmations during updating.

  • Add Kickidler Agent to the antivirus' Whitelist right after its installation.

AVG Clashes with Kickidler Agent in the course of work Add Kickidler Agent to the antivirus' Whitelist right after its installation.
Eset Endpoint Security Clashes with Kickidler Server and Agent in the course of work

Add Kickidler Server and Agent to the antivirus' Whitelist right after its installation and create the rule in the antivirus’ firewall.

  • Internet and E-mail – SSL/TLS – List of known certificates – “Change” button – Add
  • Extended parameters – Network Protection – Firewall – Rules – “Change” button – Add.
Avast Internet Security Blocks server in settings in the “Public Network” firewall
  • Add a rule to the firewall regarding incoming and outgoing connections,

  • Switch firewall settings to private network.

Dr. Web Doesn't allow to install and blocks all program components.
  • You should add main paths of executable component files to the list of application exceptions of the antivirus (Settings – Exceptions – Applications – Add rule).
  • You should add rules to the antivirus firewall (Security center – Files and network – Firewall – Rules for applications – “Change” button – Add rule). You should allow both incoming and outgoing connections
Kaspersky Home

Clashes with working Agent in the Self-Defense mode (which is by default turned on). In this mode the “Reports” section has no specification by web pages and programs.

If you want both Agent and antivirus to work correctly, we recommend you turn off the Self-Defense mode of the Kaspersky antivirus.

Doesn't allow to download Agent with the turned on “Secure Connections” option

“Secure Connections” option (Settings – Additional – Network) should be turned off during installation. You can turn it on late if you add the Agent to exceptions

Kaspersky Small office / Endpoint Security Doesn't allow downloading agent with the turned on “Antimalware Scan Interface” option. If you turn the option back on, it keeps running smoothly. In the extended settings of the antivirus (Settings – Protection – File antivirus – Extended setup) turn off the “Check Scripts with Antimalware Scan Interface (AMIS)” function