If in the Viewer you can see the message “Attention! No access to the Central Server. In order to restore the access, contact your Kickidler software package system administrator or use the following instructions”, follow the following steps in order to perform an independent access restoration:

1. Check to see if the Central Server is accessible from the computer, on which the Viewer is installed.

How to understand that there is no access:

Find the port (by default for Windows: 7906 and for Linux: 1025) in the node.ini file and run the telnet command in the command prompt.
Attention! Before using the telnet command, make sure that it is enabled. 
Windows: telnet %ip address of the Central Server% 7906
Linux: telnet %ip address of the Central Server% 1025
Example: telnet 7906
Solution: if an error occurs, there is no access and you need to configure the mixed networks. Read more here.

2. Check to see if the firewall is blocking the operation of the Viewer and Central Server.

How to understand that it is blocking:

Open the command prompt and run the following commands:
telnet my.kickidler.com 40401
telnet %ip-Central Server Address% 8123 /8123 — port of the web-based interface of the default Central Server, if another port is specified in the node.ini file in the [http] block, it is necessary to first run the telnet command for that port

It is necessary to perform the following for correct operation of the Kickidler software package:

 3. Check to see if the Central Server is running.

How to understand that the Central Server is not operating:
Possible Causes of Nonoperability:

Open the Central Server logs, which are located here by default:
Windows: C:\Program Files\KickidlerNode\log
Linux: /opt/KickidlerNode/log/

and check to see if there are any records in the log:

ERROR std exception during log video frame: ERROR:  could not extend file "base/16385/3710192.227": No space left on device
HINT:  Check free disk space.

If there are such records in the log, you need to clear some space in the database.

  • The Server service has not been started (nns for Windows, kickidlernode for Linux). 

If it has not been started, it is necessary to start it. If it has been started, restart it.
  • The database cannot be launched

Open the Central Server logs and check the log records:
QPSQL: Unable to connect
2016-10-20 14:07:40.142 2424 ERROR database connection failed: could not connect to server: Connection refused (0x0000274D/10061)
If there are such records, check to see if the PostgreSQL processes are running and if they relate to the Kickidler software package Server component. If this is the case, complete all the PostgreSQL processes, associated with the Kickidler Server, and restart the Server service (nns for Windows, kickidlernode for Linux).

Open the Central Server logs and check the log records:
2016-11-07 14:24:06.392 7696 FATAL unable to initialize data directory for internal
postgresql instance
If there are such records, reinstall the Server into the directory full path to which uses the Roman alphabet only.

             Attention! If all of the mentioned above has not helped to solve the problem, contact the Kickidler Technical Support.