Why do clients choose Kickidler?

Online monitoring

Kickidler is the one monitoring system which lets you control a large amount of employees in real-time

Analytical reports

Kickidler is equipped with a system of flexible reports. They allow access to the work being done by employees and evaluate the efficiency of their work

Violations' control

You can keep track of all employees’ violations. Operational reports on activities and violations are drawn up each minute. They help you evaluate the use of an employee’s time at work

Remote control

Kickidler is equipped with a system of remote control. Thus, software configuration, data recovery and solving of problem situations with employees becomes easier

History recording

Only Kickidler integrates the collection of information about an employees’ activity along with a record of activity on his or her PC. Thus, each incident can be analyzed quickly and easily giving you a full picture of an employees’ work

Operational analysis

An operational analysis of an employee’s time at work is carried for all employees/everyone. You can learn about inactive and active programs, or web sites and violations of your employees

Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

Types of monitoring systems

Full-featured system

The systems collect maximum amount of information about employees’ activities on their working computers during the day. This information is difficult to analyze

Systems with limited functionality

The systems collect data on programs and web sites used by employees' (time tracking systems)


Kickidler integrates the functionality of classical time tracking systems and the possibilities of a real operational and deferred analysis of employees’ actions

How do the other monitoring systems operate?

  • Data collection

    Agents for collecting information of employees' actions are set on employees' PCs

  • Sending to server

    Collected data is send to server for storage (including screenshots on a periodic predetermined interval)

  • Reports generating

    Reports are generated based on collected data on how employees spend their time at work

  • Manual analysis

    A team of specialists examines the reports and tries to understand how employees work

What are the benefits of Kickidler?

Kickidler saves information about all employees’ actions with reference to a video recording of their activities on their PCs

Kickidler allows management to watch employees’ activities in real-time. You’ll be able to see what employees are doing on the screen of your computer

You can watch a historical video of employees’ activities on their PC and easily find out, whether an employee is guilty or in a problem situation

If you need to help an employee or to stop a violation, you can remotely connect to their computer in order to carry out the required actions