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How an employee was caught who was giving away info to competitors

There appeared an insider in a small trading firm. Hardly had the sales department started working with a prospective customer, when the competitors made him a more profitable offer. The firm faced a prospect of bankruptcy.

Its owner suspected that someone from the sales managers was giving away to competitors (not for free, of course) the information about customers from the CRM. At first, he thought that the problem was in inadequate personnel motivation. He increased the bonuses, trying to foster the team spirit. Alas, this did not help. Probably, the competitors paid more for the stolen information. Besides, the covert thief was stealing transactions not only from himself, but also his coworkers.

Then the firm owner had the KickIdler installed and caught the thief. Here’s how it happened.

First, he made adjustments for the violation type. The CRM used by the firm in data export always retains the information in a file under a certain name. When the thief opens this file in Microsoft Excel, he is shown in the software title. The violation type was adjusted expressly for these words in the title.  


Already on the following day the violations histogram displayed a mark telling that a thief decided to steal another batch of transactions. With his mouse the owner outlined the time span a little before and a little after the violation and in a minute he could watch the video about how the data were exported from the CRM and to whom they were dispatched.

Most importantly, he now knew who in his team was collaborating with the competitors. I needn’t dwell on what happened next. What matters is that since then the firm’s business considerably improved compared to that of its thieving competitors.

Are all your company employees honest? Or should you install KickIdler?  

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07/07/2017, 3635 views
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