Do the following actions to activate the purchased licenses:

  1. Login to Personal Account.
  2. Go to Licenses section.
  3. In opened table tick boxes located opposite grabbers, for which you want to activate licenses.

You can activate licenses only for grabbers with the following statuses:

  • DEMO (the grabber is in demo mode with limited functionality)
  • TRIAL (the grabber is in test mode with full functionality)
  1. Click Renew license button. New window will display a table, listing all grabbers, for which you can activate licenses.
  2. Under the table, select the type of licenses, which you want to activate for grabbers.
  3. Click «Renew» button.

If you do not have enough purchased licenses for all selected grabbers, you can purchase them or reduce the list of grabbers.

After activation of licenses the status of grabbers will change to NEW, and the period, during which the license will be active for the grabber, will be set in Validity period column.


The licenses for grabbers can be renewed automatically. In this case, the purchased licenses will be automatically activated for grabbers after expiration of their licenses.