Do you want to understand how control of employees will help your company?

You already understand that without observing the work of your employees it is impossible for the company to function effectively and safely, but...

  • you are still not sure that you need to purchase a fully-functioning system of control of employees?
  • you don't have the budget for purchase yet?
  • you keep comparing different systems of monitoring of personnel?

Comparison of functionality of Kickidler versions

System functionality Full version Free version
Online monitoring of employee computers in the Viewer for any number of employees only for 1 employee
Range of reports on accounting of working hours for any number of employees not provided
Video recording of screens of employees for any number of employees not provided
Video playback for particular apps or websites for any number of employees not provided
Collection of information about the keys the user pressed (keylogger) for any number of employees in real time and for the period in the past only for 1 employee in real time
Remote control of personal computers of employees for any number of employees not provided

FAQ for the freemium version

How many employees can I view on freemium version?

Kickidler allows you to watch online for 1 employee for free.

Is there a time limit for use?

The free version has no time limits.

How can I get freemium version?

It is necessary to register. The first 7 days the program will work with full functionality without restrictions and on any number of PCs. After 7 days the program will automatically switch to a free mode.

What should I do to change free version to the full version?

Purchase licenses in your personal account in a convenient way for you and activate licenses. Reinstall the program is not necessary.

Is it possible to use the full and free version at the same time?

The ability to use on the same account at the same time full and free version is not possible.

Is it possible to transfer freemium licenses?

Yes, it is. You can transfer freemium licenses in your account if necessary.